Applications and Maintenance of Roller Guide Kits

Roller Guide kit pipes

High quality guide kits have a lot of versatile uses and can also be used in simple household doors or cables. Some of the most common uses of these roller guides are in closing mechanisms such as doors. The rollers ensure that the doors open and close properly in a straight line. Elevators and fishing equipment are two other common examples of objects that require roller guides to function properly. In each of these applications, the use of the roller guide makes the process easier and smoother. It is also used in winching equipment which is used to get a vehicle out of the mud.

Some Efficient Maintenance Tips:

Roller guides have a simple structure but they are used in a number of applications. This object can be anything from a simple desk drawer to something big as a crane or a cable. Like any other type of hardware, roller guides require some kind of care and maintenance to ensure that they perform optimally for a long time. Its maintenance becomes even more important when it is used in something dangerous such as in crane cables. Given below are some of the best maintenance tips that will help you keep high quality guide kits in optimum condition:

  1. One of the most important things that you must keep in mind about maintenance of roller guide is the importance of lubrication. However, you will find that most of the brands and manufacturers of roller guide do not recommend the convenient spray lubricants. These might serve the purpose at hand but regular use of spray lubricants results in the formation of a layer on the body which might hinder their optimal performance in the future. Instead, some type of waterproof grease is considered to be a better option. Even when you are using this, the grease must be used with limitation and it must be applied only to the exterior of the roller guides. The roller guide will not work properly and might jam if lubricant is not used regularly.
  2. If the roller guides are used in equipment that comes in contact with sea water, such as fishing rods, make sure that the roller guides are cleaned with fresh, clean water after every use. The salt residue from the sea water might hinder its performance but simply flushing it with fresh water will get rid of the residue and ensure its proper working.
  3. While these two tips are enough for regular maintenance, once in a while you might have to thoroughly clean the roller guides. Firstly, cleaning the internal parts of the roller is important. This can be done easily with a piece of paper towel and thinner. You will only need a few minutes and once the cleaning has been done, make sure that you put the parts back and tighten them as before. If you find that you have to loosen the screws to get the rollers work, the mechanism might be broken and require a replacement. In order to clean the internals, you will need to dissemble the piece carefully. Account for each screw that you take out to avoid any confusion. If the pieces of the high quality guide kits have to be lubricated, use waterproof grease instead of lubricants.

In order to ensure that the object works properly, it is important to keep these maintenance tips in mind. If the roller has to be replaced, this must be done without wasting time as any delay can be dangerous especially when it is used in objects such as crane pulleys.


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