Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

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Selling your home, like moving house, can be an extremely stressful, not to mention frustrating experience, especially when the buyers just don’t seem to be all that into your property. The thing is, it’s a buyer’s market, and prospective buyers have so much choice available to them that, unless you really work hard to sell your home, it could be on the market for a long time.

But, fear not because here are some great tips to get your home ready for sale and ensure it impresses buyers:

Deal with Any Home Repairs

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Whether it’s a big job like pier and beam foundation repair or something as simple as repainting peeling walls, first and foremost, you must take care of all those home repair jobs that will make or break your home’s appeal. Most buyers aren’t looking to take on a project, so the more ‘finished’ your home is, the better from a buyer’s point of view.

Do Some Decluttering

Home Ready for Sale

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Buyers also want to walk into a home and immediately be able to see how much space there is and how that space can be used by them. This is difficult for them to visualize if the property is stuffed with your own stuff, so you might want to consider decluttering and hiring a storage unit to store anything that you don’t need to have in your home right now.

Hire a Cleaning Company

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A house that is spotlessly clean is always going to be more attractive to buyers than a home that is unkempt, so spend a few bucks on a professional cleaning crew to ensure the place is spotless before you start showing people around.

Consider Redecorating

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If you have a quirky taste in home décor and you’ve, say painted the living room walls bright pink or covered your kitchen in superhero wallpaper, it will almost certainly be worth redecorating with a white or neutral color palate. It might be boring, but it is what most appeals to buyers.

Add Finishing Touches

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If you always meant to add crown molding, but you never got Around to it, or if you started paving your driveway, but never quite finished the job, now is the time to attend to those little finishing touches that transform a home from mediocre to must-have.

Tackle the Weeds

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The garden is a very important area when it comes to selling your home, after all, it is the first part of your property that buyers will see, and if it is overgrown with weeds, it is hardly going to help you make a good first impression. You don’t have to completely landscape your garden, but you should take the time to mow the lawn, pull up and weeds and perhaps plant some pretty flowers to make the space more inviting.

If your home’s exterior is looking a little worse for wear, treating it to a new lick of paint will also help to give your home curb appeal, as will repainting the front door and replacing any old and worn handles, fences or walls. The stress of selling a house is amplified if you are immigrating to a new country and need to sell it fast.

Have you recently sold your home? What tips and tricks did you employ to make it more saleable?


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