Top 10 Living Room Ideas


We spend so much time in our living rooms that it isn’t long before we get bored of the design. If you’re thinking about updating your living room, you may be wondering what the latest trends are. A living room has to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. There are many modern designs that combine practicality with the latest fashion trends. Here are the current top ten living room ideas.


  1.    Blue Damask

No matter how you choose to use, blue damask will always be a show stopper. Whether you choose to have a wallpapered feature wall or a blue damask sofa and rug, it will certainly brighten up your living room for Spring.

  1.    High Ceilings

If you want to go all out, high ceilings are becoming more popular by the day. Choosing to renovate your home and increase the ceiling height will give the illusion that your rooms have more space in every aspect. It can do wonders over older houses that need a modern touch. Keeping the colours of your living room light and letting as much natural light in as possible will ensure you have a space that’s a joy to be in.


  1.    Keep it French

If there’s one thing the French do well, it’s design. Look for French home accessories, like mirrors, rugs and art work to add a style that never grows old to your living room. If you’re working on a budget, try a nordstrom promo code.

  1.    Tiled Fireplaces

If you’re lucky enough to still have a fireplace in your living room, try jazzing it up by adding patterned tiles underneath the mantel piece. Choose a colour that ties in with your existing living room theme and make the fireplace the centre piece of the room.


  1.    Bright Prints

If you really want to brighten the place up, it may be time to upgrade your furniture, cushions or curtains. These bright prints will give your living room the wow factor from the very start.

  1.    Holiday Style

If you’re unable to go on holiday this year, you may want to bring the beach to you. Grab some empty jars and fill them with beach pebbles. Fill the room with lush blues and sun yellows. You may even want to play around with a nautical theme.

  1.    Invest in Some Art Work

A great painting can make a room. If you’ve got a masterpiece that draws everyone’s attention, it’s all your visitors will talk about. Not only that, a piece of artwork can double up as a family heir loom.


  1.    Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver are on the top of the trend list right now. Try adding some gold and silver accessories around the room. These could be mirrors, photo frames or other accessories.

  1.    Bring in Some Nature

Have you got any plants in your living room? Now’s the perfect time to introduce some. If there’s lots of natural light, you could jump on the band wagon and pick up a lemon tree.

  1.   Velvet

Velvet is smooth to the touch and comfortable to sit on. Why not consider velvet throws or a velvet sofa?



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