The Most Affordable Countries to Road Trip In

Road Trip affordable countries infographic

What better way to experience a country that by winding through its rustic roads. If you’re looking for a holiday idea that fully immerses you in a country’s culture and gives you time to stop and unwind, then look no further than the humble road trip.

This handy infographic by Insurance 4 Car Hire suggests a few iconic road trips around the world as well as detailing the estimated cost of each journey, unmissable sights and top tips.

For those who love the beach, consider embarking on the Garden Route in South Africa that boasts over 300 days of sunshine and 37 miles of white, sandy beaches. While you’re there, drop into the Knysna Elephant park to interact with South Africa’s largest heard of domesticated elephants.

For those looking to for a more rustic experience, the North Coast 500 in Scotland is not one to miss. As the name suggests, this route boasts 500 miles of Scottish castles, towering mountains and rugged coastlines that are a host to local eateries serving some of the freshest seafood in the region.

History buffs will not be able to pass up the route between Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen that passes through the ancient city of Chitchen Itza. Food is also a highlight on this route so consider trying some of the local delicacies when passing through Oaxaca such as mole sauce and quesillo cheese.

However, how do all these routes impact on your purse strings? Luckily, the infographic also details the average cost per day of a road trip in countries all over the globe by calculating the cost of petrol and car hire over the course of an average day’s drive in peak season.

For those on a budget, consider countries such as the USA or Mexico costing up to $56.01 a day. For those who want to splash out though, Iceland’s famous ‘ring road’ is one to consider with staggering views of waterfalls, glaciers and if your lucky, the Northern Lights. It will cost you up to $132.39 a day due to high petrol prices though.

Whether you’ve got a trip planned and want some insight into the costs or are looking to get inspired, keep reading to find out the perfect road trip for you.

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