Eradicating Mold For Good

Eradicating Mold For Good
Eradicating Mold For Good


Picture the scene. You’re all moved into your awesome home, and you’re settling in nicely. Then, there is a scream from the bathroom. What’s happening? What is it? Oh no – it’s mold! For homeowners, there is nothing worse than finding the fungi attached to the walls because it’s almost impossible to eradicate. Plus, don’t forget that it’s bad for your health, too. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of house mold once and for all. If you currently in a war with the toxic substance, here are some tricks that will help.

Prevent Water Damage

Everything is fine when the conditions are right. The conditions you are looking for are dry and breezy because the bacteria work well in a damp environment. In fact, they thrive when they have the moisture needed to breed. Obviously, you want to stop it from the outset, which is why preventing water damage is the first step. Without any excess water, the mold shouldn’t be able to catch. If you can’t stop it, a water damage repair team is the next best option. Sometimes, accidents happen that are hard to stop. Thankfully, a team of experts can remove the water and the mold to limit the damage.

Use Elbow Grease

You should know that cleaning the house of any and all mold isn’t going to happen overnight. To begin with, you will have to clean the problem areas like a mad person on a mission. That means buying a quality cleaning product with a good track record and getting on your hands and knees. The thing to remember is that the top layer isn’t the worst part. The worst part is the bottom layer as it sticks to the walls and pops up again, like a weed. So, after you take off the top surface, you should spray the bottom one with strong bleach. Hopefully, the cleaning products will kill the bacteria and stop them from growing again.


Crack A Window

Scrubbing the floors and walls isn’t going to have the desired effect. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but mold is a survivor. Even when you take off its head, it can grow back again stronger than ever. One of the reasons is because of the environment. You know that moisture is a factor, but you also need to ventilate the room, too. Rooms like the bathroom suffer the most because they are hot and humid. As such, the moisture from having the running water never quite leaves. An open window blows in fresh air to tackle the problem. Air circulators also work as they suck out the moisture.

A couple of extra tips that will come in handy are to look for leaks and to upgrade the home’s insulation. The reason these tips work is as follows. Any leak will mean excess water, which in turn will increase the chances of mold spreading. And, once it gets behind the walls, you’re in big trouble. Inadequate insulation often traps condensation, which has the same effect.


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