No Room For An En Suite Bathroom? Think Again!

En Suite Bathroom mirrors and counters


Having an en suite bathroom in your bedroom is one of life’s little luxuries. But for those of us that live in small homes with teeny tiny rooms, it might seem like an impossible dream. Is it really, though? The truth is that no matter how small your bedroom, there is always a possibility of finding that little extra space you need for an en suite. In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal everything you need to know – so let’s take a closer look at some workable solutions.

Think ‘caravan.’

If you can fit a shower, toilet and sink in a tiny caravan, you can certainly do the same in your bedroom. You just have to be creative with your space – a shower, for example, need only take up a small corner of your room. And for those of us with big families who always find the morning rush a nightmare when it comes to getting ready for work/school/nursery, it can improve your lifestyle by a significant amount.

The nuts and bolts

There are a few things you need to consider before installing an en suite bathroom. You will need easy access to the mains water supply, for a start, as if there are plumbing problems or your hot water goes cold it will be easier for a tradesperson to fix. Another important point is that your bathroom must have a way of letting steam and moisture escape, or you will start suffering from mildew, mould, and water damage to your furnishings.

En Suite Bathroom bath tub


Getting creative

Do you have a built in wardrobe in your bedroom? Why not use it as an en suite instead? You can also consider ‘borrowing’ some space from the room next door – perhaps even having two doors, so the en suite is accessible from both rooms. You might even be able to fit in a tub if you go down this route.  If your bedroom is next to your current bathroom, your job might be even easier. Again, it might just be a case of taking space from the main bathroom and building a wall between them, but at the same time using the same pipe systems.

Go for a wetroom

Wetrooms are the perfect option when you don’t have much space. It involves tiling the entire en suite from top to bottom so no water can escape – you can easily fit in a shower, toilet and sink if space is available. And if it’s not? Then consider your options – which we’ll take a look at next.

Shower only

By far and away the best option for small spaces is going down the shower-only option route. As we mentioned above, all it takes is a little corner of the room, and sinks and toilets are often guilty of eating up valuable space. That said, it all depends on your needs. Some households might benefit from having an extra bathroom – for medical reasons, for example. In these cases, you can save a little more room by buying an angled toilet that fits into a corner.

As you can see, creating an en suite bathroom needn’t be a pipe dream. No matter how small your bedroom, you do have plenty of options!


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