3 Romantic and Memorable Ways to Celebrate your first year Together

celebrate your first year Together

So, you think you’ve found your lobster? If you’ve been together for a whole year but haven’t realised how time has flown because of all the fun you’re having together, maybe now is a good time to stop and take stock of where you’re headed.

A 1-year anniversary is a big deal. It signifies that you’ve sailed past the first stages of a relationship and that you still want to be together. It’s an opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened over the past year, and a time to show your love and appreciation in a meaningful way. But how to celebrate your romance in style?

There are many ways to mark the occasion – a special dinner, beautiful flowers, a thoughtful gift, a great night out, these are all perfectly romantic gestures to reassure your partner that you’re serious about the relationship.

But if you really want to push the boat out, emotionally speaking, take a look at these 3 great ideas to celebrate your first year together. Not only will each one give you an experience to remember, you’ll have a true memory maker that can deepen the bond between you.

  1. Get creative with your hands

Channel your shared love and passion for each other into an arts & craft object that you create together, as a symbol of your togetherness.

You could enrol in a glass blowing or jewellery making workshop, or make pottery together from scratch (cue that famous pottery scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze from Ghost). How about booking a session in a pottery painting café where you get to decorate a special commemorative plate or bowl together? If handicrafts aren’t your thing, you could always try your hand at making a photo album or a scrap book with mementoes of your first year, write a love poem or a song.

The important thing is that you’re doing something you love with the person you love – and have a beautiful item to show for it afterwards.

  1. Book a professional couple’s photoshoot

Did you know that couples photography is a ‘thing’? Many professional photographers now specialise in offering creative and romantic photoshoots for couples who want to capture their love on camera. Choose a location (Urban London? The English countryside? Traditional seaside?) or opt for a studio shoot, complete with props and makeover, and pose to your heart’s content.

Having a few hours in front of the camera with your favourite person can be great fun and a huge confidence booster too. Learn how to move like a model and how to support each other to get the best results from the photo session. Discover a new side to yourself as you let the photographer guide you through tried and tested poses that will make both of you look a million dollars.

At the end of it all, whether you have a digital photo album made to share on social media, or display a framed photograph or canvas mounted print of the two of you over the mantelpiece, it’ll be a romantic memory to treasure forever.

  1. Do something new and exciting

How about developing and strengthening the trust you’ve built for each other by pushing yourselves beyond your comfort zone? Choose an activity that’s new to both of you – think couples bungy jumping, white water rafting, couples massage, horse riding lessons, salsa dancing – and do it together.

Not only will you have an exhilarating experience to share, but you’ll feel an even closer bond for having experienced it together.


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