Moving Home? You Can’t Do It Alone

Moving Home? You Can't Do It Alone


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If you are ready to sell your home then you have to be prepared to allow others to help you. Without help from your family, friends and external sources you simply won’t be able to make the move. You need help in a number of areas. You need help with the packing. You need help with the move itself. You need help to ensure you’re getting the best house deal. And you need help settling in.

First and foremost you need to ensure that the wool is not being pulled over your eyes at any point during the buying of a property. Granted, when you are not in the know yourself then it can be difficult to know if this is happening to you. But this doesn’t mean you can’t seek help from those who are in the know, does it? You should always have professionals ensure that you get the most for your money. First of all you should have trusted professionals take a look at the property that you are moving into. Municipal reports or personal builder checks may not pick up on problems with the building, whether this be inadvertently or intentionally. Because of this you should have it checked yourself. You should have a survey done on any property you purchase so as to ensure that you are not being deceived in any way. For instance, if the house needs vast amounts of repair doing to it then you are more than entitled to ask for money off the asking price. Whether it be issues with rising damp. Whether it be installation. Whether it be the roof. Whether it be the plumbing. If there are every any problems with a building you should ask for assistance off of those in the know to help you spot them. If you don’t then you are making yourself vulnerable to possibly paying more than you should. Once the deed is done and documents are signed every problem with the home is yours, so getting help spotting them before you move in is vital.

You should also be aware that once you sign the deeds away to the home you’re moving away from that the new owner of it has every right to move in whenever. If they’re ready they can move in, even if you are not. If this is the case and your new home isn’t yet ready to house you and those moving with you then you are going to need a lot of help. Your first port of call should be ask family and friends for help. You are going to need somebody that is willing to house you. You are going to need somebody that is willing to help store your belongings. Without this type of help then who knows where you and your things may end up? This is why it’s imperative that you seek it. But if you really can’t find the support you’re looking for from those that you know then you should seek help from those that you don’t. There are a host of self storage areas all over the world that are waiting and willing to help store and protect your stuff. For instance, Hollywood Self Storage, as evidenced here, offer different unit sizes so that those that need to store their things during a move can always find a space that is the most suitable for their needs. And there are always going to be accommodation options out there willing to help. During this time of transportation between the deal you need to ensure your little world is safe, wherever it may end up. Fortunately, there are always people and services willing to help with that.

And to keep the actual act of moving as stress-free as possible you really can’t be scared to ask those closest to you to devote their time to helping you. You are likely to have a whole host of worldly belongings stashed away in your current home that need boxing up. To box them all up the more hands the better. By having as many people help you as possible you are going to cut the time of the task down two-fold. This could then allow you more time to devote to other areas of the move. But it’s not just the extra hands you need, you need extra eyes too. When there are more people looking out for things then the likelihood of missing something and not packing it is diminished. And working with friends and family to pack up is not just a good exercise for practical reasons, it can also be a fun and worthwhile experience on the whole. For instance, when you are all rummaging through things that none of you have seen in a while then memories are going to be induced. When you come across old photo albums then you can all look through them and relive the good times. When you find old items of clothing then you can all look back and, more than likely, laugh at the styles chosen. Also, you might even be able to provide those helping you pack with items in your house that you don’t want to bring with you.

But it’s not just your family and friend that you should seek assistance from. Professional moving assistance should be sought also. If you take the task of moving everything you need to transport from your old home to your new one then you are wasting a lot of time and effort. You will have to make multiple journeys to and from each property. You will have to tightly squeeze everything into your vehicle. Basically, you will be wasting a whole load of valuable time and energy. But by seeking the services of a professional and reputable moving company you are not. By seeking the services of those that know full-well the best ways to make a home move you are making use of your time more fruitfully. And not only are saving on time but you are ensuring that your belongings make the journey in the safest way possible. If yours is a move that spans many miles, especially, then the services of a moving company should be sought. They’re there to help, it’s what they do, so let them do so!
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Even when you are all moved and settled in the need to have help at hand doesn’t stop. One of the first things you should seek to do once you are moved in is to ensure you make the necessary contacts in your new area. You need to have all the emergency help you could possibly need on tap — to do so you need to start sourcing your emergency tradesperson locally. Even if you have a friend or a trusted tradesperson that you used in your old area you really should seek to find another one in your new area. No matter how hard this may be, it needs to be done for practical reasons. If you have a plumbing problem, for instance, you’re going to want a plumber to come out and fix it quickly. When you source outside your new local area this just isn’t achievable. However, when you do source locally it is. By having contacts with local tradesperson you are also allowing your home the best protection against future mishaps within it. By having a problem fixed quickly you are lowering the possibility that it will get worse. By leaving it a while as you wait for your ‘trusted’ tradesperson to get to you you are only allowing for the problem to get worse and possibly cause more damage in the long run. You don’t have to completely cut ties with the tradesperson you used in your old area if you are friends or if the relationship means that much to you. But you should cut ties with them in a professional sense. And whilst you’re at it you should become accustomed with all the other sources of help in your new area. You should find out where the local hospital or doctor’s surgery is so that you always know where to head to with a medical emergency. You should know where the local police station is so that you know how long the help will take to get to you in an emergency. And you should most certainly get to know your neighbours as they will be the defining factor in helping you to settle in. Check out some additional house removals resources here:

Moving home is a very exciting life milestone. It is sort of like a checkpoint that symbolises the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. But even though it’s such a  rewarding experience for the individual that is moving, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need help in the venture. If you are moving home you should never be afraid to ask for help off anybody. And if you know somebody that is moving you should try to do all you can to make the move as stress free for them as possible.


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