6 Steps to Designing the Perfect Bathroom

designing bathroom with bathtub

Planning a new bathroom installation can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. Of course it’s great to have the opportunity to design a bathroom space that’s perfect for your lifestyle and that you will love spending time in – but there’s just so much to think about!

Whether or not you choose to use a professional bathroom designer, it’s a good idea to put some time and effort into deciding what’s really important to you. Has your old bathroom come to the end of its useful lifecycle and is in dire need of an upgrade? Do you have a growing family, complete with moaning teenagers and long bathroom queues? Are you after a no-holds-barred home spa just because, well, you’re worth it?

Whatever your requirements, a new bathroom needs careful planning, so here’s what you should be thinking about.

  1. Consider the layout

Take a look at the current bathroom layout, consider your needs and make a list of what you would like to improve, given the available space. Where would the washbasin go? Is there space for ‘his and hers’ basins? Is the WC in the right place, and will the plumbing allow it to go elsewhere? Do you need a separate bath and shower, or how about a freestanding bath? What about bathroom storage?

Measure the space, note plumbing points and soil pipes, windows, doors, radiators and any other room characteristics. Bathroom floor plans are often determined by the location of existing pipes but, depending on your budget, even the plumbing can be adapted to suit your needs.

designing dark bathroom

  1. Choose a style and colour scheme

No doubt you will have an idea of the sort of bathroom ambience you would like. Classic and traditional? Contemporary chic? A quirky vintage vibe? The right bathroom design combined with the professional advice of a great bathroom designer can deliver exactly what you’re after.

To get an idea of what’s available, take a good look at online bathroom suppliers and showrooms. If you’re in Surrey or Sussex or Kent, The Brighton Bathroom Company has a wide range of high end products that are definitely worth a look. Also take inspirations from magazines, manufacturer’s brochures and lifestyle websites such as Houzz.

Colour has the power to calm or energise, so it’s important to select the right palette for the atmosphere you wish to create with your new bathroom design. Don’t just think of wall paint and fabric; consider the colour and texture of bathroom units and sanitary ware, of wall and floor tiles.

  1. Make a lighting plan

Whether or not your bathroom has a window, lighting is an essential element in any bathroom design. Mounted ceiling lights can add style and mood with the right fittings – how about a gorgeous pendant light or even a bathroom chandelier? Use accent lighting to highlight an architectural feature and shower proof lighting inside shower enclosures.

Ideally, the mirror above the washbasin should be lit from both sides as well as from above, so that your face is evenly illuminated without visible shadows. A word of advice: Before you commit to any bathroom lighting solution, double check that it has the correct IP rating to be able to cope with high levels of humidity.

design bathroom white tub and bright

  1. Don’t be boring with your flooring

Being literally right at the bottom, bathroom floors tend to get forgotten about. However, they have to work extra hard to deliver on functionality: Water resistance, stain resistance, durability, easy maintenance, non-slip properties are all high on the list. And, of course, you want your bathroom floor to look great too.

From luxury vinyl to ceramic tiles, rubber to natural stone, there’s a wide choice of bathroom flooring available for every taste and at every price point.

  1. Select your key products

Choosing a bathroom suite is the sensible way to go – but sometimes you just can’t help falling in love with a particular stand-out product. Should you indulge? Bathrooms are becoming increasingly luxurious, so you might decide on a freestanding bath, a spa shower or the vanity unit you’ve always dreamed of.

Take bathroom sinks, for instance. Will you go for practicality or style? An integral basin or undermount sink may be easier to look after, but what if you’ve fallen for a gorgeous natural stone bowl washbasin atop a stunning vintage cabinet?

You can make a real statement with the bath tub as the focal point of the room. Whether you go for a traditional rolltop bath or a sculpted modern design, freestanding baths have become a real design feature for many bathrooms.

designing bathroom vanity

  1. Storage and accessories

Let’s face it, you can never have enough storage in the bathroom, which is why it is essential to factor storage into the bathroom design right from the get go. Avoid bathroom clutter at all costs – it really clashes with the soothing vibe you’re trying to create. Maximise storage opportunities wherever possible with space saving solutions, cabinetry or feature furniture.

Finally, source some gorgeous accessories to show off your new bathroom to maximum effect. From beautiful bathroom linen to stylish soap dishes and toilet roll holders, it all combines into creating a bathroom you will love to spend time in for years to come.


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