How to Choose the Best Fit Mattress for Your Needs

Best Fit Mattress nicely made-up bed
Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes the terminology and descriptions can leave you feeling exhausted! So if you are planning a trip to a mattress showroom this weekend or browsing online then these top 5 essential tips are exactly what you need.
1. Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress. 
You have 3 options with a new mattress foam, open coiled spring and pocket spring. Foam is cheap and doesn’t deal with moisture or temperature control well. Open coiled means that all the springs move as one and you will feel a rolling together effect while you sleep. Pocket springs ensure that movement on one side of the mattress is not echoed across the bed. They provide the best level of support as the pressure across your body is managed evenly. Look for a minimum of 1000 pocket springs in your next mattress.
2. Choose a Mattress with a 60+ day Trial
It takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Lying on a mattress in a showroom for a few minutes won’t be enough time to determine if the mattress is best suited to your body. Manufacturers know this and that’s why you will find a growing number of retailers who offer a free exchange or full refund guarantee.
3. Look at the Layers within the Mattress
Natural fibres are the best materials to use in a mattress. Materials like horsehair, mohair and wool have natural cooling and heating benefits. This works by wicking moisture away from the body and expelling through vents on the sides of the mattress. Ask the retailer about the GSM (Grams per Square Metre) for each layer. Three of four 500 -1000gsm layers of Horsehair or Wool is what you should expect from a luxury product.
4. Can the Mattress be Flipped and Turned?
Natural layers in a mattress need to flipped and turned so that they have time to recover from the pressure and plump back to their natural state. If your mattress can’t be both flipped and turned it means that the layers have not been repeated on both sides of the springs. This is a cost saving for them and leaves you with a product that will loose it’s comfort and support much quicker.
5. Get a Guarantee
A quality mattress should come with at least a 5-10 year guarantee. Check the guarantee to make sure you are clear about what’s covered and what’s not! Generally accidental damage like spills and stains won’t be, but any issues with stitching, tufting or support will be.
Glencraft is a luxury mattress manufacturer, founded in 1843. They have a Royal Warrant for supplying Her Majesty The Queen.


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