4 DIY Basics Anyone Can Master

DIY tools and handtools

Is changing a lightbulb the absolute limit of your DIY abilities? When your plumbing goes awry is Googling “emergency plumber” your first instinct?

Practical “around the house” skills are rapidly dying out in the 21st Century, leaving many of us virtually clueless when problems arise. Are you guilty of being a DIY doofus? Perhaps it’s time to do something about that…

Learning how to complete a few basic DIY tasks can be a hugely empowering experience. It helps you learn more about the systems and structures in your home, preparing you to handle other possible issues in the future. Picking up this kind of knowledge can also save you a huge amount of money .

With all this in mind, collect your toolkit and keep on reading. Here are four simple DIY tasks anyone can master and that could come in very handy in the future…

  1. Replacing electrical sockets

When sockets break they can become very dangerous if left in a state of disrepair – especially if young children or pets are in the house. Sorting out the issue should, therefore, be a priority. Fortunately, replacing an electrical socket is a relatively simple task – albeit one that requires careful adherence to safety procedures (i.e. ensuring power to the socket is turned off at the fusebox). Once you’ve ensured safety, however, you’ll only need a new socket faceplate and a screwdriver to fix the problem. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Fixing fuses & resetting circuit breakers

Power outages are one of the most common household problems – and often one of the easiest to fix. If you know how to restore power when all the lights go out, you can turn a potentially very problematic (and costly) situation into a complete non-issue. Depending on the type of fuse box you have, the only kit you’ll need to fix this hitch is replacement fuses. Learn how to fix the problem here.

  1. How to fix a leaking tap

Calling in the plumbers can be a very expensive business, but letting water drip away can also prove costly, both for the environment and for your water bill, if you’re on the metre. Armed with little more than a screwdriver, an adjustable spanner and some good old-fashioned know how, you can easily sort out a leaky tap yourself.

  1. How to unblock a sink

Clogged up sinks can be a real pain, but they rarely feel problematic enough to call in the plumber for. If your washing up is piling up, being able to sort out a clog yourself can prove very handy indeed. This is a super easy DIY task that anybody can pick up. It only requires a plunger, some household ingredients and some washing up gloves. Learn how to unclog your sink here.

Are you a DIY genius or a complete novice? How many of the tasks on our list can you already complete? Which skills do you deploy most often around your home? Have your say and share your tips with other readers below.


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