DIY Projects for Bored People


Picturesque beach. The majestic rays of the sun. Music festivals at night. Campfire near the shore. These are some activities that everyone aspires to do while summer is here. But for some, they aspire to be confined in the comforts of their home while making DIY projects to tick the time away. Well, we have compiled three of the simplest and easiest DIY projects you can make under an hour that will surely kill your boredom away this summer.

DIY Gold Magnetic Letters

DIY Projects gold letters on table

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Ever had those plastic alphabet letters that your kids used to play? Don’t throw it away! Turn them into a fancy and metallic decoration for your refrigerator or bulletin board.

 Magnetic Letters
 Plastic Primer Spray Paint
 Gold Spray Paint (or any color you prefer)

1. Place a piece of paper or cardboard on a flat surface.
2. Set the magnetic letters on the paper or cardboard and start spraying it with the plastic primer spray paint. You can spray the primer spray over the magnets. Make sure you cover both sides of the letters with two coats of primer spray.
3. Then spray two coats of gold spray (or any color).
4. Let the magnetic letters dry.
5. Place it on your refrigerator or bulletin board for decoration.

Washi Tape Envelopes

DIY Projects envelope colors

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Feeling creative? Revamp your envelopes with different and colorful washi tapes to make your letters worth saving.

 Envelopes
 Washi Tapes (all kinds of washi tapes!)
 Scissors

1. Cut strips of washi tapes.
2. Line the strips of washi tape to each side of the envelope. Be creative! You can use neon washi tape color on one side, then a patterned one on the other side. Let your creative juices flow!
3. Make sure that the washi tapes are firmly attached to all sides of the envelope.
4. Use it!

DIY Tee Pocket Design

DIY Projects white t-shirt
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Since its summer time, this is the perfect time to update your closet! Turn your boring shirt to an aesthetic, cute tee in just 10 minutes!

 T-shirt
 Piece of fabric (about 6”x6” or 5”x5”)
 Post-it (optional)
 Iron
 Scissors
 Pen or Pencil
 Fabric Glue
 A piece of paper
 A Free Pattern, printer, and a heavy-weight paper or a piece of cardboard

1. Print the free pattern on the heavy-weight paper. Or you can simply print on a standard paper, then transfer it to the cardboard. Cut along the outside lines.
2. Place your printed pattern on your fabric, then trace and cut.
3. Then cut the pattern along the inside lines and place it on a piece of fabric.
4. Pull up each fabric edge around the pattern guide carefully and iron it flatly on the fabric. Remove the pattern guide.
5. Apply fabric glue on one edge of the fabric and distribute it evenly. Make sure you press it firmly. Repeat this step to each edges.
6. Place a book over the pocket and let it dry for an hour and a half.
7. When the pocket is dry, gently place a piece of paper inside your t-shirt and carefully apply fabric glue along the shirt’s edges. Distribute evenly. Press firmly, and let it dry for another hour and a half.
8. Your revamped t-shirt is ready for flaunting!

Key Takeaway
These are the top three of the simplest and easiest DIY projects you can do when you are feeling bored. What are you waiting for? Try these projects now and let your creativity shine!


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