8 Tips for Making Immunity Boosting Smoothies

Smoothies pink and green side by side

Making a smoothie can be fun and creative especially if you have the right blender capable of giving you great results. The most amazing part of this process is that you can use almost anything that’s edible to come up with yummy smoothies with different flavors. However, making an immunity boosting smoothies require you choose the right ingredients and combining them proportionally in the blender to come up with yummy, tasty results. Here are 8 tricks for you to make great immunity boosting smoothies: –

Have the right ingredients

The first step towards making an immunity boosting smoothie is to make sure you have ingredients efficient for that. As such, get fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C including carrots, beetroot, lemons, raspberries, turmeric and coconut oil among others. You get the ingredients right and you are off to a good start.

Use the right blender

Some of the blenders you find in the market don’t cut it when it comes to smoothie making. You should look for a high-performance blender that comes with multi-speed functionality for well-blended results. look for a blender capable of working on ingredients like almond butter and granola.

Add liquid first

You do not want to overwork your blender when chopping the ingredients and as such, you should put your liquid of choice first before adding the fruits and veggies. You can add water, milk, almond milk or even coconut milk. Add enough to maintain the best consistency.

Use different flavors and fruits

You don’t have to stick with one list of ingredients but should try to evolve and try new things every now and then. You can try out a few greens and mix them with bananas, avocados and almond milk if you want a perfectly sweet and creamy immunity boosting smoothie.

Smoothies in order in a row

Mix the right proportions

When making your smoothies, always make sure that the proportion of fruits, vegetables and water is right. Advisably, don’t put liquid base beyond the blender blades as this could make it more of a juice than a smoothie. It’ll be good to also put your veggies and fruits all the way to the half and then top up with ice.

Use the right amount of fresh, leafy greens

Any immunity boosting smoothie must have a good portion of leafy greens. However, you do not want to come up with a concoction that is hard to drink. When selecting your greens, always make sure to go for the freshest and organic ones if possible.

Add some superfoods

Superfoods are very good when it comes to nutrition and taste of your smoothie. As such, choose and add some that are ultra rich in antioxidants and capable of regulating your body hormones well. You could go for chia seeds, Maca root, flaxseed, and goji berries among others. These are effective for protecting your vital organs including the heart.

Add some supplements

Probiotic supplements are good for adding to your smoothies. These are good bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract and are very helpful in food digestion. Taking probiotic can help boost your immune system thus reducing symptoms associated with allergies and autoimmune diseases.

With these 8 tips, you can make sweet tasting and effective smoothies that will help boost your immunity thus keeping diseases at bay. Smoothies are also good for managing some of the common diseases and will work well in contributing to the healing process.


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