Top 5 Entertainment Gadgets for Exercising

Exercising gadgets apple watch

Personal health is arguably the most important aspect of your life. The benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are endless. From boosting your energy levels to improving your sex life, working out is the key to balanced life.
Whether it is for fitness and health reasons, or stress relief, exercising is the time you can focus on yourself and your body.

Want to build your character? Start an exercise routine. The process will show you your strength, power, determination, dedication, and endurance. Nothing boosts your confidence like setting and achieving goals.

If you are a fitness junkie or planning to become one, you will enjoy learning about these top 5 technology gadgets that help make exercising more fun, simple and social.

  1. Portable Speaker

The journey to fitness is not easy. Music is a powerful motivation. The portable speaker is perhaps the best item to include in your workout gear. It is crazy mobile and durable. Regarding its shape and size, it resembles an orange. It has a hoop for attaching it to a bag pack or anywhere else, making it easy to carry around.

It is ipx7 rated, meaning you don’t have to worry about dust. If you are in the pool, release it in water and let it float while the music is still playing the entire time. It is also impact resistant – you can drop it from up to 5 feet without breaking it. The music quality is average but good enough for outdoor physical activities. The control buttons are easy to use and strategically positioned. Make sure you charge it for about two and a half hours for the battery to last for 10 hours or more.

  1. Apple Watch

The Apple watch is a form of wearable gear. If you are not one to carry a lot of clutter when out jogging, consider getting the Apple watch. Apple makes beautiful products, and the watch is no exception. The band is made of a synthetic material that feels grippe and comfortable in your hand.

It is also water and scratch resistant providing flexibility to engage in different fitness activities. The watch comes preloaded with apple’s exercise app – A green icon with a running man on it. If you select it, it will open a screen where you choose the training that you want to engage in. If for instance, you want, to jog, it lets you set a goal about distance or time elapsed. The watch also doubles as a heart rate and sleep tracker.

  1. AiraWear

AiraWear is an intelligent massage jacket that helps release the sore muscles, backaches and stiff shoulders caused by working long hours and poor posture. It is a form of chargeable wearable technology controlled by an app. The jacket uses an integrated sensor to track your bearing real time and map your journey towards a better posture. Consider wearing the jacket when working out to ease up body tension and help you relax. The good thing about the jacket is that you can wear it anywhere anytime anywhere; it is not easily noticeable.

  1. The Brain Tracker

Muse The muse is your technological mediation aid. You wear it on your head, the same way you wear a pair of glasses. It can track the brain data in real-time and give your useful insights. It helps you hear what’s going in inside your mind. The mind is like the wind. When thinking, distracted or ruminating, the app will inform you. If in a calm state, your brain comes to a state of clear and focused attention. This way, you can avoid destructions (both internal and external) and give complete focus to work in front of you. The muse can help you calm your mind using through music.

  1. Amigo Fitness Bracelet

Amigo is an awesome workout gadget. It is consisting of two main parts: hardware and software. The equipment includes a wristband and a shoe clip. The software is designed to make the experience social and engaging. Amigo is about the details of how your body is responding to different activities. The device can recognize and track the various types of activities: swimming, walking, football, cycling, golf, and hiking among others.

The system can even differentiate between very closely related activities like various types of bicep curls or golf swings. The more you use Amigo, the more valuable it becomes to you since it can recognize and differentiate between users. It can use your past data to predict and recommend workouts for you in the future. You can also engage with your friends by viewing their activities and setting up competitions with them.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s fitness trackers, flight simulators, smartwatches or any other fitness gadget, any tech that can help entertain and motivate you to exercise, is worth the money you spent on it. Go out there and get the body you want; you may not love the process, but you will adore the results.


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