How Your Body Can Change Through The Decades

Body Can Through the Decades

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If you’re a woman, it’s safe to say that your body has already seen a few changes as you transformed from an awkward kid to a beautiful, confident woman, but the changes don’t stop here. As we get older, we will notice more and more differences, some subtle and some not so subtle, whenever we look in the mirror.

Here are just some of the changes you might notice, whatever stage of life you’re at:

The 20s

When you’re in your twenties, you might look in the mirror one day and be horrified to find that your face has broken out with acne. Once we pass the teen stage, we tend to think that spots are no longer going to be a problem, but adult acne is really common in twenty-somethings, particular if they are stressed or depressed.

Another thing that might happen in your twenties is that you’ll notice your face getting thinner as your baby fat leaves to make way for a more adult look. Hello, cheekbones!

Many women start to think about having children in their mid to late twenties, so you might notice your hips getting wider, your boobs getting bigger and your body changing in any number of subtle ways. When you’re pregnant, it is a good idea to take multivitamins and do prenatal exercises to help you get through the pregnancy as easily as possible and to prevent the kind of injuries and illnesses that a birth injury lawyer typically deals with. Moisturizing daily will  minimize the appearance of stretchmarks and scars that are so common when you’re pregnant, too. In addition, there are a number of the best multivitamin product types available for your review. You will want to make sure you review them thoroughly and make the best decisions in regard to your body changing beyond your 20’s.

The 30s

When you’re in your thirties, your body starts to lose muscle, and your metabolism slows down, and this means that you might start to get a bit softer around the edges. Fortunately, if you exercise regularly, you can increase your muscle mass and stay toned. It just takes a bit more effort to do it!

The 40s

Unfortunately, when you’re in your forties, you will probably notice that your eyesight starts to get worse, and you become more far-sighted. If you want to avoid becoming the kind of person who’s always walking into things, you might need to buy some reading glasses!

The 50s

From your mid-forties and certainly when you hit fifty, you will start to notice more wrinkles, age spots and fine lines on your face, and you’ll almost certainly notice more than a few gray hairs too! Many ladies also start to get more hairs on their chin and face, but these can easily be dealt with, so it’s nothing to worry about! Fortunately, as a man, you can try beard growing vitamins to keep youthful and lush looking hair on the face.

The 60s

A lot of women worry about getting to their sixties. They automatically assume that they’ll lose all their looks and become a crazy cat lady, which anyone who’s actually reached sixty knows is just ridiculous! You might, however, start to notice more visible veins on your arms, legs and other areas – these are Known as telangiectasias, and they’re nothing to worry about. In fact, you can have them removed with a laser treatment if you like.

What you should one more worried about in your sixties are your bones. They will become more fragile and less dense, which means you should up your calcium and vitamin D intake, and do some weight-bearing exercise if possible.

Now you know what to expect, there’s no need to worry. Embrace your body at every age, and you’ll look and feel better!


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