The endless Adventures of Ladakh

Ladakh salt mountains trekking

Every beautiful thing has a chamber of secrets which are less known to the world. The same we could say about the region of Ladakh. It is known for its mesmerizing beauty of clans of snow capped mountains, charming valleys, gushing river, serene lakes and array of wildlife creatures. The place bogged us with so much pleasurable sights that we actually forget to note its adventurous side. Yes, the place offers so much exciting events for all adventure seeking souls.

After reading this article, you would know that how much exciting it would be to visit Ladakh.

  • Trekking

The rugged trails of Ladakh offer many of the trekking options in the region. Doesn’t matter you are a first timer or a cognizant climber; you would be entertained by these treks in every manner. Besides the high mountain area and geographical diversity, one could also explore the wildlife, culture and heritage of the region. Trekking here is a very common expedition from June to October, loved by major tourists who visit here during this season. Usually, there are many mountain treks but the prominent ones are Nubra valley trek, Stok kangri trek, Indus valley trek, Markha valley trek and the Chadar trek.

trekking on path in Ladakh
India, Ladakh, Rumbak Village. National Geographic Student Expeditions trek. Students trekking in valley.
  • Camel Safari

The cold desert of Ladakh offers a much exciting experience of Camel safari to its visitors. Unlike other camel safari tour, one could enjoy the safari on double humped camel, which is exclusive to Ladakh. The exciting excursion passes through beautiful landscapes on high altitude desert, which attracts the eyeballs of the tourists. Earlier the ‘ship of desert’ was used by traders to explore terrain but now these Bactrian camels plays a major part in extracting tourism in the region. The most popular camel safari trek is across the sand dunes of Hunder and Diskit valley in Ladakh.

  • River rafting

This adventure sport is the undisputed leader of all other, which is strictly for strong hearted junkies. To experience the sport up to the highest level, Ladakh would be the perfect choice. The cunning flow of the Indus and Zanskar River brings great fun to adventure lovers. Rafting on white running water takes through the awe-inspiring landscapes, soaring Snow Mountains, charismatic aquatic life, which is beyond description. Usually a rafter gets ample of opportunities here, but the best stretches out between Spituk and Nimu or Saspol in Indus River.

  • Mountaineering

At this high altitude, traversing through road is something very graceful. An adventure enthusiast would not let this opportunity go, certainly not in Ladakh. Being home of the several mountain peaks, mountain biking would give you the breath taking view of magnificent Himalaya. Mountaineering in the region is most popular in Karakoram and Zanskar mountain ranges.

  • Other sports

Apart from these modern adventurous sports, Polo and Archery are the two traditional sports which is popular in the region. Various Polo and Archery competitions are organized in the valley to boost up the local talent. Huge numbers of crowd gather every Tuesday to witness the game of polo on Leh ground.

With the ubiquitous beauty, Leh Ladakh tour packages also offer these adventurous sports, appetizing cuisines and great gesture of hospitality from locals. One could get undisruptive pleasure on its tour to the Ladakh.


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