Inexpensive Kitchen Updates To Do This Weekend

kitchen updates to do this weekend


While a kitchen revamp can cost a small fortune, it’s not entirely necessary if you want to give your cooking quarters a lift. After all, with a brand new kitchen costing several thousand, it’s a cost we can’t afford. But we can still update our kitchen without having to pay out a load of money. In fact, there are some little changes you can do which can give the cooking quarters a lift. And the best thing is they don’t take long to do! Therefore, here are some inexpensive kitchen updates you can do this weekend.

Give the kitchen some new light

You might have had the same lights in the kitchen for years. After all, we forget to change it once we have added a cool design. Therefore, one simple change which will make a huge difference to your cooking quarters is updating the lighting. Get rid of those ugly hanging lights and swap to fab spotlights which will give your kitchen a boost. And it will add character and a modern touch to your kitchen when it gets dark. You might even want to consider going for some under-cabinet lighting. Not only can it help you when it’s time to do some cooking, but it also can help your kitchen to stand out when guests come to visit. And don’t forget about pendant lights. After all, when these hang over an island or even your oven, they look superb! Therefore, it’s time to change the lights in your kitchen this weekend.

Paint those cabinets

Getting brand-new cabinets would be ideal, but it’s sometimes too expensive for your bank balance. After all, you are looking at around $3000 for new cabinets for the kitchen. However, if you are bored of the old design, there are some ways you change them cheaply. Firstly, you might want to paint the cabinets, so they look completely different in your kitchen. After all, with a new lick of paint, they can go from drab to fab. And if you haven’t done it before, there are lots of guides online which can help you through the process of painting your cabinets. Just make sure that you get the best paint sprayer to ensure it looks professional. And if you don’t want to paint them, you could easily give them a spruce by going for new handles. After all, it can make all the difference if you switch from silver to brass!

Move all your kitchen essentials around

It might be too costly to buy new items like a microwave and toaster for your kitchen. But you can give your kitchen a lift by moving all the essentials around. For example, putting the microwave at the other end of the kitchen, and putting the coffee, tea, and sugar holders in this area instead can give the room a lift. In fact, if you move all the essentials to new homes, it can feel like you are in a new kitchen! Just remember where you have put everything so that it doesn’t become confusing for the family. Also, check out Kitchen Gadget Lab for how to use all kinds of kitchen tools and gadgets for everyday purposes!

And sometimes just giving the kitchen a clean and tidy up is an excellent way to make it feel brand-new again!


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