How to Remove The Ultimate Menace of The Blocked Drains

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The history of drainage system is as old as the human civilization itself. So, as long as the drains have been in existence, the phenomenon of blocked drains has always been looming around. So, let us discuss the various causes of a blocked drainage system and some tips to tackle them when they crop up.

How Drains Are Blocked

The reason behind blocked drains varies from place to place. No materials, common and uncommon should be dumped in the drain. As for the uncommon materials, you will have to keep a lookout as to what you dump down your drain. Anything, which is not soluble in water, might have the potential to clog the drain. The common materials, dumped consciously or unconsciously down a drain and can cause a drain blockage, are listed here:

  • Foliage: Leaves and small twigs often find their way down the pipe. These small pieces of vegetation can’t often make to the end of the drain and cause blockage. In addition to this, leaves have the ability to retain moisture can also form the nucleus to a dirtball.
  • Fat and grease: These components are obtained from the food, which we may sometimes dump down our drain. These often can attract and conglomerate with other fats and oils dumped down the drain. These agglomerates can cause total drain blockage.
  • Foreign objects: Certain object can agglomerate in our drains to cause blockage. Do not dump these things down the drain. Nevertheless, a plumber cleaning a clogged drain often has the chance to see excessive flushed down toilet paper, nappies, clothes, and sometimes, entire bars of soap. Initially, these materials might not cause clogging, but with time, it can cause seriously blocked drains. Children must often be kept aware about not taking such actions, as an entire roll of tissue paper dumped by them, can cause a severe problem for you.
  • Hair: This is one of the most common drain blockers. Women, mostly after brushing their hair throws away the broken strands of hair down the drain. These hair strands often agglomerate to cause the drain blockage.

How To Remove Blocked Drains You can simply avoid the blocked drains if unnecessary materials are not washed down the drain. Even if, we follow this, we cannot completely remove the blocked drain situation. Here are some tips so that you can clean your blocked drain.

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  • Boiling Water often does the trick. Although, you should never use it, when you have porcelain sink bowl (as it might crack) and PVC pipes(as it might loosen the joints)
  • Baking soda and vinegar method can be often useful. The procedure is to pour sufficient amount of baking soda down your drain. Then, stop the mouth of the drain with rags and then pour vinegar through it. The baking soda reacts with vinegar and generates carbon dioxide, which expands and clears the drain out by unblocking it.
  • Common people can easily operate some equipment used by the plumbers, such as the hand plunger and the small drain snake, which can be operated by hand.

Such tips can be crucial where you have to clean the drain yourself. In matters of a better comprehensive care, it is better to have a regular maintenance routine with your plumber. Many companies offer premium plumbing and drain cleaning service at a very cheap rate. Here try to check the testimonial to ascertain the quality of the plumbing services. The plumbers must have sufficient experience in handling various categories of blocked drain.  Additionally, various technical authorities must license them to operate.


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