Use Accessories to Update Your Wardrobe this Spring

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Spring isn’t just the perfect time to clean and decorate your home – it’s also a good time to go through and update your wardrobe. The way you dress in the spring should be different from the what you wear in the autumn and winter months; you should be wearing lighter, more colorful outfits that match the season you’re in. However, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to get ready for spring – just update your look with a few key accessories instead.

Here are some of the best ideas you can use to update your wardrobe this spring:


Scarves are great accessories at any time if the year. In Autumn and winter big chunky scarves will keep you warm and contribute to a cute layered look, in summer, they can shield you from the sun’s rays, and in spring they can add color and warm to your outfit.

The best scarves to complete your outfits in spring are blanket scarves, which you can wrap around you when it gets chilly, and neck scarves, which h are great for adding a splash of color and design to any outfit.


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Necklaces are another accessory that can be worn at any time of the year. However, if you want to give your outfits a decidedly spring feel, choosing colorful, floral necklaces and layering them up will freshen up your outfits and make them more interesting at the same time.

Cute Flats
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Spring is the perfect time to break out those pretty ballerina flats. The worst of the cold, wet weather is over, and it’s safe to show off your feet once more. However, it’s probably still too cold for sandal weather, so funky flats like Melissa’s Vivienne Westwood range are ideal and will make your wardrobe look cute, fresh and funky.

Colorful Purses

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Spring is a colorful season; the sun is out, and flowers are starting to bloom. This means that you should start to add more color into your life too and one of the cutest ways to do that is with woven leather purses in pastel colors, satchels that are red, pink and blue and floral patterned backpacks, depending on your personal style.

Statement Earrings

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Big, bold earrings are an affordable way to make your look more interesting and more in keeping with the seasons. Nature goes big, bold and beautiful in the spring and so should you. Don’t be afraid to go for bright oranges, pinks, and turquoises to get a truly cool spring look.

Celebrity Sunglasses

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It’s spring, and the sun will be deeming us with its presence more often, so why not take advantage of that by investing a beautiful big pair of sunglasses? Buy a brilliant pair of Ray-Bans, and you’ll instantly transform eh drabbest of looks into a cool spring outfit that’ll have people wondering if you’re actually a celebrity.


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Whether buying purses, belts or bracelets, one of the easiest ways to get a more spring compatible look is to go for floral prints that represent exactly what spring is all about.

What are your tips for bringing your wardrobe kicking and screaming into spring?


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