Let The Light Shine In!

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We need natural light to help keep us happy. Not only is it vital for our mental health it is also paramount for our overall health. The sun feeds us vitamins just like our food does, so if we don’t have enough of it, we can become pale, sick and depressed.

There are loads of ways you can shed more light into your home, so we have thrown three ideas together which will hopefully inspire you to call in your roofer and let the sun shine in!

Firstly, and most commonly used to increase natural light in the home, roof lights. You can easily install ceiling lights to make make a dramatic change to the natural light within a dark space. Even on a dull, gray, damp day, the area is flooded with light, and your rooms will seem larger and happier. Plus it is lovely to look up and listen to the rain, not to mention lay back and see the stars. You will find that having roof lights will stop you switching on your indoor lights too; this means you have the potential to save money and help the environment. You could also use lots of roof lights to bring even more light into your room. You don’t have to worry about reaching them to pull the blinds either; there are lots of remote solutions so if it is too sunny for you, you can press a button and shade it out!

If you haven’t heard of solar tubes or tunnels, then you should look into it. They are as efficient as windows, and in some cases even better, they are perfect to light up bathrooms or store rooms where natural light only comes in through an open door.

The tube is installed through the roof and made from reflective material inside that intensifies the light by a significant effect.  During installation, some tubes may need to be curved or bent to bring light into the home with reduces the strength of the reflected light. When the solar tube is short and straight the power of the natural light is intensified.  

Of course, you can’t see through a solar tube; it isn’t there to help you gain a view of the garden. This is just a cheaper option to bring a little light into your home. They are more efficient than electric lighting too. You should have a chat with a company like Sugar Land Roofing Services to see if your home could benefit from any changes to the roof to increase its efficiency and allow in more light, you need advice if you are going to consider our last idea!

One of the most dramatic changes is to replace internal walls with windows. Not only does this enable you to borrow light from within the home you can also use sliding panels to keep the room separate or replace an external wall with glass. The options are pretty endless, and the results are outstanding although this is not a cheap way of bringing light into the home.


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