Yeah, Exercise Will Completely Change Your Life

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Ever since people were first given a voice in which to yell with, they have yelled about the benefits of exercise, and how epic exercise is in achieving good health. Every blog boasts about the benefits, every doctor tells you it is important, every newspaper – and newspaper supplementary magazine – has a long and convoluted article on the subject, and a simple scroll down Google will see you stumble across a gazillion articles websites with the title, “5 Ways Exercise Will help You Live Forever”.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to provide you with proof that this isn’t the case. The reason for that is, it would be impossible to do so. Exercising is incredible for you. But it is not just health benefits that you will reap because regular exercise has the ability to completely change your life.

And here is how:

Goodbye Bad Habits

Life has a way of throwing up tumultuous times for everyone. There is nothing you can do about this, it is part and parcel of life. In fact, there is a word for it; sonder. This is the recognition that each passerby has a life as complex and vivid as your own. Life is challenging and, more often than not, our gut reaction is to adopt bad habits; drinking, smoking and worse. That is where exercising regularly has proved to be so amazing. Exercising releases a bunch of positive chemicals in our brain that allow us to overcome bad habits, so why not make exercising your new addiction.

The Road To Recovery

Whether it is a physical injury you are suffering with or overcoming something more mentally testing, like bereavement, exercise aids our recovery. It allows us to expel negative thoughts and alleviate physical pains. It could be that you have a severe injury that requires you couple exercise with supplements, in which case this article is worth a read. However, it could be that exercise is just the thing to get you life back on track, to help you overcome the stresses involved in recovery, the weight on your shoulders and the cloud of negativity that fills your head.

Creativity Is Born From Exercise

If you ask a successful writer about writer’s block and how they deal with it, they will tell you they get up and do something. It could be a stretch; it could be the laundry, it could be a run or even a quick drive. It doesn’t matter, they get up and get their creative juices flowing. The same goes for successful business people. By turning to physical activity, you grant yourself that precious ‘me time’ with your thoughts, and that is when so many of the best ideas will start to flow. Life changer.

Motivation Will Build

Exercising is all about milestones. It could be that you successfully complete a half-marathon and get that meal to prove it, or it could be that you suddenly realize you have lost 10 pounds since you started running; all of this triggers more motivation, and not just in the realm of exercise either. Achievement in one area of your life tends to spur on achievement in other parts too. It could be the smallest fitness goal see’s you advance in your career, your relationships, and just your general opinion of life.


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