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Fitness is something that means different things to different people. For the youngsters, it’s running ragged in the school playground and attending after school sports. For young adults, it’s working out and getting ripped in the gym to look fantastic and feel good about themselves. Fitness is a lifelong aim for most people; who doesn’t want to be healthy, right? Getting fit is one thing, staying fit is a whole other ball game. Staying fit means maintenance and this is one of the hardest stages of a lifestyle change. We have it put to us every day in the media and in magazines that exercise and fitness benefit our health and well-being and it’s important to remember that exercise is for everyone from every generation – and it’s safe for seniors, too!

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The older generation you still find in the gym but mostly it’s outdoor activities such as walking or hiking, swimming and bowls. Keeping up with fitness isn’t always about being as healthy as you can be, but the fun aspect of it. (helloindia) There are so many inclusive sports that keep you social as well as healthy so for the elderly, this is one of the biggest reasons to keep fit. As we age, our bodies tend to fight against our minds. Thinking like a thirty-year-old in the body of a sixty-year-old can mean that while you won’t always be able to bench press 200 lb weights, you can reminisce on the days you could!

Age has a profound effect on our bodies, from osteoporosis in the joints to flat-footedness in our feet. As we get older, the way we move changes so our exercise and output change as well. There are plenty of products in the market to help seniors to exercise in a safe manner and this is everything from the equipment used in the gym or the park, the bicycles that are used and even the clothing. You can buy shoes like these to help with earlier mentioned flat feet so that when you exercise or walk, you can ensure maximum comfort for the effort you put in. Just because we reach a certain age, that doesn’t mean we should put any limits on what we can do. Sure, our joints may slow down and our bodies take a little longer to repair themselves, but physical activity is good for us whatever age we are. The benefits of getting out of the house and exercising far outweigh the physical strain because exercise can actually help joint troubles by working the muscle and keeping it moving. Staying still just helps us to seize up, not always heal. Blood pressure, diabetes, cognitive function and osteoporosis are only some of the conditions that can be helped with regular exercise. Keeping the heart rate going is exactly what’s needed, and the social side of fitness at a senior age does so much for our souls not just our joints.

Ultimately, fitness should be for life and should be an importance in your life as long as possible.


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