Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom vanity and mirror setup

Bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of any bathroom and can take its aesthetics to the next level. This is the reason why proper attention is required when you are planning to select bathroom vanities for your home. Now, if you have a small bathroom and are unsure whether a vanity will turn out to be a perfect pick or not then here are a few ideas that you must look after:

  1. The Ultra-Black & Timeless Design

When space becomes a major concern then there cannot be a better idea then amplifying the beauty and functionality of the bathroom with ultra-black & timeless design. This is basically a simple yet dramatic theme where the bold shades of black are paired with neutral whites along with a dramatic backdrop. There are various elements that you need to consider when you choose the bathroom vanity.

  • Black vanity: The main essence of this design lies in the black vanity. As, this color not only creates a sense of sassiness but builds an illusion of space making the small bathroom appear bigger and well-planned. Black is a sophisticated color that make your bathroom look bigger. When you choose the black vanity for your bathroom, you have to contrast the color with your wall color.
  • Softer scheme fixtures: The next element of this design is the fixtures in either soft color scheme which can be white or any other shades of neutral. To add some elegant look, you can install white bathroom vanity. With the reflection of the lights, white color bathroom vanity can create a wider space for your bathroom.
  • Beautiful backdrop: The backdrop does play a vital role in making the room appear bigger. Therefore, along with having the right shade of bathroom vanities you need to work on the color scheme of the backdrop to have an incredible design.
  1. The Crafty Save-Spacing Vertical Vanity

Most of the people believe that bathroom vanities are meant to be horizontal. But, the time has come to modify this rule with space-saving vertical vanities that not only provide a spectacular focal point but at the same time make your bathroom one of its own kind.

For further storage, you can even consider installing a separate shelf which will not only enhance the beauty but at the same time allow you to organize the products effectively, by reducing clutter.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

  1. The Bench Vanity Design

The concept of bench vanity design revolves around the classic and contemporary style of vanities that are installed in a right angle to make them practical and pretty. This design looks best with fine shades of color i.e. turquoise, grey or other complementing shades, which not only blend with the serenity of the bathroom but even add to its space.

  1. The Classic Timber Top

There are certain designs, which never lose their importance with time and the timber top vanities is one of them. Made from the rich and robust texture of timber, these provide an amazing natural touch to the bathroom and can be space saving as well. Bathroom cabinet, shelves, attachments and storage palace are the most important parts of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom space then it is suggested to customize these cabinets and save the space as much as possible.

Besides being stylish, the vanities crafted from timber are extremely durable and require little or no maintenance. This is something that makes it one of the most preferred bathroom vanities of all-time. So when you choose the bathroom vanity, you need to consider several things like color, storage space and other attachments. In this regards you can contact with some bathroom designer who can provide you designer templates for your bathroom.


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