Why Do You Hire Professional Garage Door Spring Repairs?

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Garage doors are mostly made with rough metals and the operation of these doors depends on the spring quality. Even if you choose the automatic garage doors then also you can find the springs, coils and motor in the operational segment. In this regards, you need to maintain the door in a proper manner and that can be possible only when you hire professional garage door repair services. Springs usually have a rated life of about five years. During this time the springs become loose through usage or they may break. At this point you need to repair or replace garage doors springs and you may be tempted to take on the task. It is not an easy undertaking because coiled springs under tension contain energy and, if handled wrong, can snap and cause serious injuries. This is one reason to call in professionals for garage door spring repairs.


Understand the system and risks

  • The springs may be torsion types located above the opening and fitted to a shaft. The other system is an extension type I which springs are installed on horizontal tracks along with safety cables. Should it be necessary to repair garage door springs then you first need to identify the type of spring system.
  • Then you need to inspect the springs to find out whether they are single or double springs and whether they are right wound or left wound.
  • Then you measure the inner and outer diameter of the springs and the thickness of the spring wire as well as length of the spring in order to buy the correct pair.
  • The tough part is unwinding the spring during which process extreme care is needed otherwise they may break or snap. The springs can rip flesh quite easily.
  • Amateur DIYers not aware of the process could do it wrong. One thing they may not be aware of is the set screw. It is important to insert a fitting bar into the winding cone before touching the set screw. The screw must then be tightened with a spanner, not a socket wrench because the cone can slip and the socket wrench can break and result in injuries.

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Why do you need professional help to maintain the garage doors?

  • The spring may be under tension and needs to be unwound. A common and risky method of doing it is to use a screwdriver. Professionals are well aware of the risk of using hand wrench and screwdrivers.
  • If one has got this far without any accident there are other steps that are no less risky. Testing as you go on is part of the process. It is important to test the fit of the bar in the cone before the set screw can be loosened but professionals know the right steps and sequence.
  • Unwinding the spring is a critical step and needs to be handled with plenty of precautions. Patience is also necessary when loosening the set screw and removing them. There may be problems such as a bent shaft and a stuck cone. (nikonlenswear.com) Applying force here could be disastrous as the springs jerk into life and cause injuries. There is a method to be applied here that professionals who repair garage door springs are fully aware of these professionals are trained in this segment and they can repair and fix the doors in a proper manner.

If one needs to be cautious when removing springs, installing fresh ones calls for equal care. Springs are tricky to handle and high-tension springs can be lethal. It is wise to forget about saving money and pay professionals for garage door spring repairs.


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