Things You Must Know About Retractable Awnings

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A retractable awning is a roof like structure, which is attached to the exterior of a building, especially in a patio or deck to prevent direct sunlight or rain to that particular area. Awnings add more space to the sit-out area.  Since they are not permanent fittings, one can use them to get mount over the courtyard or deck when needed and can retract when not needed.

  • Use of Retractable Awnings:  The primary purpose of retractable awnings is to block sunlight and rain directly entering a particular area.  It also serves as an alternate for roof extensions. The advantage of a high-quality retractable awning over permanent roof is its ability to utilize a space as an open and a closed area according to the need. Moreover, permanent roofing is costly when compared to retractable awnings. For houses with small patios or establishments with limited space, retractable awnings are the best solution.
  • How Retractable Awnings are operated:  Awnings are operated manually or automatically. Manual operation is normally with a hand-wind lever, wherein a handle is connected to a winding point. Automatic retractable awnings are operated with the help of a motor, which is connected either to a switch or to a remote control device. Nowadays, sensor-attached awnings are also available where the sensors will let the awnings to automatically extend or retract in the event of sun or rain.
  • Fabrics used for Retractable Awnings:  Retractable awnings are made of various materials depending on their requirements. For locations with extreme weather and over exposure of ultraviolet rays, polyester awnings are the best.  If strength and durability are the prime concern, then cotton awnings are more advisable. Places like production units where exposure to fire and water are more, it is better to go for a vinyl or laminate-coated retractable awnings, as they are resistant to water and fire. For people, who prefer aesthetic over other aspects acrylic coated retractable awnings are the best choice, as the color lasts longer.

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How to Choose the Right Retractable Awning?

Several factors need to be considered before choosing a high-quality retractable awning, such as:

  1. Purpose:  Before zeroing in on a type of awning, have a clear idea about your requirement.  Is it to extend your patio? Or is it to protect your carpets and furniture from direct exposure to sunlight? Do you wish to convert your patio to a reading area? Or, is it just for an aesthetic purpose? Depending on this, the texture, type, color, etc. of a retractable awning will change based on the purpose.
  2. Right Measurements: Having a clear idea about the length and breadth of your proposed awning is important. Too big or too short awning looks unattractive.
  3. Slanting and Projection:  The area of protection by an awning may change depending on the slanting, time of day, season, and position. Hence, be clear about this and consider all these factors before finalizing particular awning.
  4. Compare Models:  High-quality retractable awnings come in different models such as Open System – with and without protective cover, Partially and Fully closed boxes, awnings with winding border, awnings with 2-tube and 3-tube systems, etc. All these factors contribute to the final price of a retractable awning. Hence, be very clear on the model and its features, before choosing one.
  5. Type of Fabric:  Depending on your need, climate of your area, budget, and requirement, the fabric of a retractable awning must be chosen. Hence, deciding the right fabric is an important factor in choosing the type of awning.
  6. Operational Convenience:  Operational preferences are also important while choosing a particular type of awning. Based on your physical condition, location, and position of fixing the awning, one can chose manual, motorized, or even sensor-prompt retractable awnings.

So, try to buy awning that serves your purpose the best. Moreover, installing a retractable awning makes your courtyard look new and spacious.


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