Modernize Your Life with a Modern Living Room

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Since you probably spend the majority of your free time in your living room, it simply has to be perfect! And in this day and age, perfect means modern, especially when it comes to home decorating. While some prefer a classic look, others love high-end furniture, lots of gadgets and a more contemporary atmosphere. If you’re a part of the former group, here’s how you too can design a modern living room in no time!

Living Room natural lightingModern Walls

The first thing to do when modernizing your living room is picking a color for your walls. This will define the atmosphere of the space and set the tone for the rest of the décor – from the furniture to the details. However, choosing a great wall color is never easy, and there are two ways to go – you can either opt for something that will suit your personal taste, or go with the popular flow and listen to what the experts consider trendy.

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Modern Furniture

Now that you’ve taken care of the walls, it’s time to move on to the furniture. It’s important to remember that you can play with picking the colors, as they don’t have to match the walls entirely, and some sort of a contrast is more than welcome. For example, dark wall tones go well with bright furniture and vice versa, but you can always go for black furniture instead. This gives you the opportunity to focus on the floor and decorations and add some color with these elements – unless you want to turn your living room into a dungeon, of course!

Living Room couch in white room

Modern Decorations

Speaking of furniture, don’t forget pillows, blankets and covers. These can provide a great contrast with their vivid colors – particularly on dark sofas and armchairs – but also serve as an inspiring piece of decoration. For example, throw pillows are among the most effective ways to elevate the level of elegance in your living room. Additionally, they also ensure lots of coziness and comfort for yourself, you family and guests. The best thing about these pillows is their size: they go from small (i.e. about 10 inches) to large, which are twice as big, and even huge ones, so you can easily cover the better part of your sofa with one extra-long overstuffed pillow!

Living Room furniture cramped

Living Room tv stand and coffee table

Modern Gadgets

No living room is complete without a great TV, but you can’t buy just any model for your brand new modern living room. That’s why only the best choices on the market come into play, so try to think outside the box for a second. If your living room is spacious enough, why don’t you install a home theatre? It’s a much better solution than a regular TV set, as it gives you immeasurably better viewing options and a more satisfying experience. Nevertheless, although you may think you know how to install this equipment on your own, it’s sometimes better to consult an expert and the experienced people from Universal Home Theatre provide great service at an affordable price. Home theaters require a professional approach and need to be installed properly, if you want them to make your living room enjoyable in the years to come.

Living Room windows to backyard

Other Modern Details

These are just some of the ways to modernize your home with a modern living room, but you can always throw a few more details into the mix. Among the things you can explore are small decorative accessories, such as candles or vases, that can accentuate your walls or furniture, various lighting solutions with LED bulbs and modern fixtures, a new hardwood floor and, finally, a huge window providing your living room with enough natural light.

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