Suede Boots: The Perfect Footwear To Protect Your Feet And Keep Them Comfortable Too

Suede Boots: The Perfect Footwear To Protect Your Feet And Keep Them Comfortable Too

If you love to go walking then you need boots to keep your feet protected and comfortable too. The design and build of the boot plays an important part no doubt but the material is just as important. Leather boot is an excellent choice. However, it can be tough and it needs time to break in. You just cannot don a pair and go off on a whole day trek. The new leather is bound to result in sores. Consider suede as a better alternative. Most people think that during summer, they can wear some white leather boot with their formal dresses and especially men consider this dress code as their summer collection. However, it is a traditional way of present ability. Now you need to think something different and you can try out some suede boots in summer. You can try some suede boots made with pigskins and these boots are specially created for the summer time. You can pick some lightweight suede boot and you can find various colors like black, brown, moss green and white suede boots in the market.

Why do you choose the suede boots for all seasons?

  • Suede is the fleshy side of the leather, processed by scraping, brushing and buffing to give it a fine fluffy look and feel. Unlike leather that can be hard on your feet, suede boots are comfortable from the moment you put them on. Manufacturers usually waterproof suede leather before using them to make boots.
  • An advantage of suede is that you can buy these boots in just about any colour ranging from shades of tan to black, red and blue. Ladies love suede because of the deep, gorgeous coloring and the naturally sensuous feel of suede. Men find suede boots suitable as all weather boots and for walking about. Suede does not need a whole lot of care.
  • When you choose the boots, you need to consider several factors like comforts, style, color, size, height and the materials of the boots. So suede boots can perfectly fulfill all of these criteria and these boots are available in different shades of colors, made with comfortable materials and they perfectly fit on your feet and make you feel a comfortable walking experience.

suede boots laced up over jeans

Suede protection: protect your feet from moisture and dust

Suede appears soft and pliable in comparison to leather but it is no less tough. Choose boots with suitable suede uppers and your feet and toes are protected against moisture. Rain or shine or freezing cold, you can trust suede to keep your feet suitably protected. In summer you need not worry much about sweating. Suede breathes and keeps feet comfortably cool. In winter your suede boots keep your feet warm and insulated against cold. You may find that ankle high lined suede boots are perfect for winter. One does not usually wear suede boots when it rains but you will find them none the worse even after they become wet.

  • As for comfort, suede boots provide it in ample measure. Suede is soft, supple and stretches to fit contours of your feet. It does not exert pressure and it will not scuff your skin like leather does.
  • You do not need to wear socks with the suede boots because the natural boots can protect your feet without any socks and keep your feet cool as well as moisture free during the summer.

Then there is the style factor of suede boots. Summer or winter, suede boots confer a casual yet indefinably elegant look that polished leather simply cannot match. Check out the best operating room shoes here.


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