5 Reasons Why You Should Try Glamping This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Glamping This Summer
5 Reasons Why You Should Try Glamping This Summer

Summer is all about sand, sea, and sun. And since summer is fast approaching, everyone is surely busy planning where they can go for their summer adventure this year. Being in a tropical country, you can never run out of adventure, may it be a beach escapade, island hopping, tremendous trekking, or glamping. In the Philippines, luxury camping resorts are gaining its popularity because of the creation of glamorous camping.

Glamping or glamorous camping refers to the luxurious way of doing a camping, with fancy amenities that you do not often see in a regular camping adventure.

Thinking what you would do this summer season? Here are few of the reasons that will convince you to go on a glamping adventure this summer.

A Perfect Reward for Yourself

a perfect reward to go glamping

Working five days a week and enduring the Manila traffic every day is quite exhausting.

Treat yourself by going on a glamping from time to time. You absolutely deserve some luxury time after working hard.

Accommodation is Ready

accommodation is ready for glamping

Unlike in the typical camping scenario, accommodation in glamping is already prepared once you arrived at the camping site. This will give you the chance to have a nap and rest immediately after the long hours of your travel.  In some homestay accommodations, food is often included in the glamping packages, making your stay more convenient.

Comfort in the Wilderness

glamping comfort in the wilderness

Many people love to go back into the nature to find peace and comfort. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the busy metro is an ideal way to clear your mind from the chaos of the city life. Apart from these comfort, convenience is another benefit of glamping. Compared to the typical camping scene, glamping provides a clean and private bathroom and you do not need to dig sand and make your own toilet. Glamping resorts also provide a comfortable bed with pillows so you can still have the comfort of your own bed while enjoying the sound of the ocean waves or watching the beautiful sun rise behind the mountain range.

Exceptional Experience

exceptional experience glamping

Every summer adventure should be exceptional. A glamping experience is both refreshing and rewarding adventure for anyone. Every glamping resorts in the country provide different and fancy experience, ensuring their customer’s satisfaction. So if you want to have a unique summer getaway this year, consider going on a glamping.

Various Activities

various activities glamping

While doing a glamping, you can do other outdoor activities, too, depending on your preference. If you are up to a more challenging game, hiking is for you. You can both enjoy the beauty of nature while exercising. On the other hand, if you love to appreciate the bright lights in the sky, stargazing might be the perfect one for you. Apart from these choices, biking, bird watching, fishing, and bonfire session might be great options, too. Finally, if you want to fish with the right gear, make sure you check out some guides. It can be frustrating to do the planning and put in the work only to be left without the right tools; i.e. fishing rods and reels, waders, bait, etc…

If you are in for an exceptional experience and wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature in a luxurious and chic way, glamping is the perfect summer getaway for you. Glamping will definitely give you the comfort of your bed while enjoying the magnificent vibe of the nature. What are you waiting for you? Get out and go glamping!

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