Pitons & beyond: Experience the best outdoor adventures with St. Lucia CIP

St. Lucia outdoor adventure
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The twin summits of Pitons in St. Lucia draw some of the most enthusiastic hikers and adventurers. If you’re successful in climbing all the way to the top, the very view of the entire island is a reward worth all the hard work. However, there’re many other things to enjoy with a St Lucia CIP, let’s have a look!

Trek the Gros Piton

Although carry a fearsome aura and ominous reputation, Gros Piton is nowhere near Mount Everest and is 2600 feet. Thousands have already managed reaching its cone-like top and more will probably do that in future but the first ones were the escaped slaves who trotted the trail successfully some 300 years back.

Nowadays, descendants of the courageous slavers are hived in the village right at the foot of Gros Piton. It’s named as Fond Gens Libre (Valley of the Free People) and provides quite an easy access to trail rest of the mountain. From the very start, the hike all the way to the top is full of challenges and carelessness can make you stumble over one of the many slick boulders.

The path is clearly marked and easy for experienced hikers but for those trekking Gros Pitons for the first time are preferred to move along with a guide. Climbing all the way to the top would take more or less three hours and the same to head back down which makes it approximately a six-hour adventure.

From the peak you can view the stunning St. Lucia in all its glory, surrounded by azure Caribbean Sea and greens.

Ride the island buggies

If you aren’t up for mountain climbing, hit the road with a giant go-cart typically known as an island buggy. Start the trip from Soufriere towards the south of the island with a tour guide so that you can enjoy the road trip without getting lost in the lush vegetation of the island. Enjoy lunch at the Morne Coubaril Estate and rejuvenate your body and soul at the therapeutic waterfall bath in Toraille.

The Segway tours

Time to put your body to test with the Segway tour! If this’s the first time, it seems like a mystical being with a self-operating mind. The power source is actually the computerised sensors integrated at the machine’s base that triggers with your body’s movement and balance. It’ll take a few minutes to control and then away you go whizzing up and down the hilly terrain and around the forest.

Tropical forest zip lining

Babonneau rainforest is closest to the Rodney Bay and features nature’s best flora and fauna, wildlife and rare St. Lucian macaws. As you move in deeper into the dark of the forest, the nature’s preserve and protected park features a network of zip line wires and many other physical challenges. This is the best place to bring out the Tarzan and explore the burgeoning tropical forest further.


St Lucia CIP not just provides a legal residency status but an exclusive chance to experience some of the best outdoor adventures in Pitons and beyond.


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