How to Remove Oil Stain from Clothes

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Have you got stuck with stubborn oil stains on your clothes? Removing these can be annoying at times if you are not up with the right thing to get rid of them. That’s the reason as to why it’s important to be careful while cooking and eating so that oil doesn’t settle into a good piece of cloth. Since you are now fenced with a moment of dread where oil has finally made its way to your clothes, it’s better to head to a smart way out. In that case, some tips on how to remove oil stain from clothes can be helpful. So let’s dig in:

Effective Hack to Remove Oil Stain

Stain removers bought from the stores can be helpful to some extent but it’s surely not that much effective as supposed to be. How about getting along with a smarter way to get this done? We have just come up with an amazing hack that will get your cloth back to the finely stainless one without compromising its originality.

In order to execute this hack, you are going to need some ingredients such as;

  1. Liquid Dish Soap
  2. Toothbrush
  3. WD-40
  4. Cardboard
  5. Baking Soda
  6. Cotton Buds

Once you have gathered all of them, let the magic begin.

Soften the Oil Stains

Place the Cardboard inside the shirt so that stains don’t get messed or might not get shifted towards other side of it. After putting the cardboard, it’s time to use WD-40 over the affected area. Spray it finely over the stain and rub it with cotton buds for a while so that it starts softening of oil stain that makes it easier to remove them easily.

Absorbing Oil

Since you are nicely done with softening the stubborn oil stain, here we hop-in to the next part! Just pour some baking soda over the stains. Not some, lots of it actually. You will need more to absorb the oil. Simply then just scrub using the toothbrush and keep doing this until and unless the powder starts turning into lumps.

oil stain on clothes white and black

And the Final Hit

It’s the best moment to completely eradicate stains out of your clothes. Let the stains know that stubbornness isn’t entirely within them only. Once you are done with weakening the stains with baking powder, just pour some dishwashing soap over clumped baking soda. Give you scrubbing another session and harder one in fact. When you find the baking soda sticking to the toothbrush, it means that you are closer to the outcomes you have done all the effort for.

After few minutes, just take out the cardboard. Let it roll into washing machine with other clothes just for a company that’s quite alike. As a result, you would have a shirt that’s as good as new. Most probably, there won’t be no oil stains left since you have been up with the most effective tips for how to remove oil stain from clothes. But still, you can repeat the process if you find any.

Check out an astonishing hack to remove oil stain out of clothes with simple ingredients.


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