6 Ways To Create An Arty & Creative Home

Home living room art

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Studies reveal that immersing yourself in beautiful surroundings can help boost your creativity. The opposite is also true. Follow our tips to create a unique and creative space for the whole family.

  1. Display Your Work

If you or members of the family have an artistic flair, consider displaying your/their work. The great thing about this is that it will be completely unique to you. No-one else will have exactly the same work. This could include:

  • Personal photographs
  • Oil, acrylic, watercolors, etc.
  • Sculptures and ceramics
  • Textile wall hangings
  • Mixed media work

You could also make something specifically for your home, to fit in with your interior space. Depending on your skill level, you could opt for a simple family tree collage, or something more complex like personalized metal lettering, etc. Plasma cutters are ideal for these types of projects, and you can find out more on sites like http://plasmacutterbuzz.com/. Cut-out silhouettes, signs, and quotes also work well.

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  1. Make Your Home Textiles

Personalizing is not just about displaying artwork; it covers all aspects of your home. Rather than displaying the same cushions, tablecloths, seat pads, throws, etc. as everybody else, consider making your own. This provides you with much greater scope in terms of fabric, colors, etc. There are lots of simple patterns you can download from sites like https://www.allfreesewing.com and step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the process. And if you’re really serious about this, consider designing your own fabric.

  1. Design Your Own Wallpaper

For a completely unique look, why not take it up a notch and design your own wallpaper? Many companies allow you to send in your own designs and turn them into rolls of wallpaper. Feature walls are very popular, and it’s much cheaper than papering the whole room.

  1. Mix Up The Rooms

There are no rules to say that you have to have a living room, dining room, and kitchen in the downstairs area. Think about other rooms you might like to add. For example, a relaxation room, hobby room, reading room, etc. Design your home around your family and their hobbies and interests, rather than accepted norms.

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  1. Display Your Hobbies

Don’t hide your hobbies away in drawers and cupboards. Incorporate them into your personal space. For example, display tools, paint brushes, etc. creatively and make them a part of the room. If you or a family member plays a musical instrument, leave them on display. Or, frame a copy of your favorite music.

  1. Books

Bookshelves make a beautiful and natural display. Don’t hide them away in bedrooms and spare rooms, introduce them to the living room and den. Books are beautiful inside and out. Look for creative ways to organize them. For example, by color, or interspersed with other ornaments and objets d’art.

There are countless ways to decorate and organize your home. If you’re looking to put your own personal stamp on it, consider building a creative and artistic space for you and your family. In addition, if you need to make precision cuts to metal and then do some welding on top of that, a plasma cutter cart for fabrication can also be a useful tool for creating an artsy and style home.

Good luck with these tips and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below!


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