How to De-Stress Before Your Wedding

Wedding de-stress bride

Deciding on floral arrangements, picking napkin colours and making a seating plan can all add up to one stressed-out bride. Planning a wedding day can involve juggling family politics, arguments with partners and awkward conversations with friends so it’s no wonder some brides become frazzled well before the big day takes place.

It’s important to take time out from the endless to-do lists and planners and to put the wedding day into perspective. It’s just one day in the rest of your life and you want it to be special, not cause health problems from stress. Katie from Orla James believes these are the key ways to help you destress in the run up to the big day:

Turn all your devices off

Switch off your phone, laptop and TV and just sit with some wine or a cup of tea, and listen to some music to give your brain and eyes a rest from all the stress and the screens.

Try meditation

The run up to your wedding day is a great time to take up meditation if you have never tried it before and there are plenty of online tools to help you do it. Just 10 minutes a day can really help you to feel focused and at peace. Try visualising the perfect beach where you are going to have your honeymoon and think about how peaceful you will be after the wedding day, to help calm your nerves.

Have a pamper day

Treat yourself to a spa weekend to escape the wedding madness for a day or a weekend. There is nothing like a massage and spa session to feel much better.

Spend time together

Don’t let the wedding planning overshadow your relationship. Make time with your loved one that doesn’t involve wedding stuff to make sure you don’t end up losing your romance due to arguments about napkin designs. Make time for date nights like sharing a bowl of pasta and a soppy film together, anything to make sure you stay connected.

Do some exercise

Exercise is a well-known stress-reliever so make sure you fit some physical activity into your daily routine, whether its dancing, walking or jogging, it will help you feel better and release the good hormones as well as making you less worried about fitting into your dress on the big day! You could combine this with staying connected by going for a run with your partner.

Use scent to calm your nerves

Try using scent, such as lavender, which is well known for its calming properties. Whether you opt for essential oils in your bath, or use scented candles, having a soothing scent around you can instantly change your mood and make you feel better.

Delegate tasks to your friends and family

Don’t forget you have a support system out there to help you with all the plans so make sure you lean on your friends and family and ask them for help instead of trying to shoulder it all for yourself. Get them involved and share the load.

Take yourself off somewhere for a day

Just take a whole day off from wedding planning to do something fun with your partner and family, like a day at the zoo or a picnic on the beach. You might think you can’t possibly lose a day but your stress levels will be guaranteed to lower after a fun day out. Being outside can also help you to relax so go for a walk in the woods or along the sea front to calm frazzled nerves.

Have a good laugh

Call up one of your best friends and have a giggle with them over everything that is going on and listen to what’s going on in their life to take your head out of the stress around you. Or watch a comedy film at home with your partner, anything to make you laugh as a great stress therapy.

Eat healthily

Watch your diet as some foods can enhance stress, so avoid caffeine and alcohol if you are feeling particularly stressed out and try drinking plenty of water as being dehydrated can really impact on your mental wellbeing. Some foods have properties which help you to feel calmer, including nuts, bananas, milk and cheese.

There are many things you can do to help reduce your stress levels in the run up to the big day and it’s important to keep your mental wellbeing at the forefront. No matter how many choices there are for centre pieces or veil styles, none of it is worth losing your head over.


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