Basic Style Tips to Consider When Trying to Make an Impression

style tips for making an impression hat woman

We’ve all been in situations where we need to use the outfits we choose and the style we select to either make an impression on others or stand out in the crowd.

Either way, we try to make a statement by how we present ourselves and especially by what we choose to wear.

Whether the board room, everyday errand shopping, going out with friends, or sitting at home while shopping online, we like to choose the right outfit for the right occasion and making a bold statement without going overboard and overdoing it.

Here are a few basic tips for using style to make a lasting impression on those you meet:

  • Use flair from your style: but not too much…just a little bit. There is such a thing as going overboard and doing too much when it comes to the close you select. Make sure to incorporate a little bit of your style into each and every outfit without being so outrageously flamboyant that you look like a pink flamingo standing in a crowd of black cats!
  • Keep a close eye out on out of season outfits while out and about doing your shopping. By buying at the right times and ensuring the highest value received for the lowest price possible, it is important to select the outfits and garments that you want by getting them at a time you do not need them. This ensures the most bang for your buck and getting the largest and most diverse wardrobe.
  • Try shopping online. Although trying clothes on in the store ensures your best fit and face to face knowledge of the style, once you know which brands fit you best, you will be able to go online to sites such as StyleWe and choose your outfits accordingly. Shopping online provides the luxury of receiving items at your own leisure and at home in your pajamas instead of preparing to go out, getting ready, driving to the store, trying on the clothes, ringing them up while standing in line, and etc…These things are all a waste of your precious time and there are easier ways to get what you want.

I hope those three basic tips are adequate on how to select the proper style to make both a lasting impression yet remain as classy and relevant as possible in all situations and settings.

Again, it is important to know your style, choose wisely and buy at the right times, know how to purchase online, and know which brands and sizes fit you best so that you do not have to continually go out to the store to buy more clothes.

Keep your spending to a wise amount and you will be able to grow an ever-diverse wardrobe of styles and outfits to suit you and help you prepare for the best style in any situation given to you and thrown your way.

Now go out there and make it happen!


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