Satin Robes and Cotton Robes: Which is Better?

satin and cotton robes lineup

When you offer as many great robes as we do, you get tons of eager customers asking which robe is better for their needs. We’re glad to help! In this article, we’ll try to help you decide whether to get satin robes or cotton robes for your wedding. Our recommendations come from experience in the product, but also from feedback that we’ve gleaned from brides who have actually put these robes to the test.


One thing we learned right away from customer feedback is that brides love the look of satin robes. Most of the time, when a customer chooses the satin robes, they’re making the decision based on the color or appearance of the satin itself.

One potential downside with satin that bears consideration is that it’s not as cool as cotton. Since you’re probably getting ready in an air-conditioned area, this may not be an issue at all, but it’s worth noting.


Cotton has been a longtime favorite robe material for good reason: It’s cool, easy to maintain, and cozy. Many brides report that cotton robes are more flattering on all body types, and that they generally stay closed better than satin (a feature that some might appreciate!)

Note: Waffle robes are also a popular option, especially in warmer weather! We carry several styles, each perfect for bride and bridesmaids alike. Like our other fine robes, our waffle robes for bridesmaids can be customized with embroidered logos or letters.

Going with Both

We’ve heard from several brides who actually purchased a set of robes in each fabric. The bride and bridesmaids wore the cotton robes during preparation, and then used the attractive satin robes for the pre-ceremony photo session. Since the bridesmaids took their robes home, they ended up with two extra-special gifts: a robe for comfort and utility, and a sexy satin robe as well!

Regardless of which material you choose to go with, you can rest assured that Robemaster has the selection to satisfy your needs. From satin and cotton to waffle, lace, and more, we carry a huge lineup of top quality robes. Check out our catalog and see for yourself!

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