How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger and Be More Functional

small room daylight couch

We all like to think of our bedrooms as safe and cozy places where we can find a refuge after long, and exhausting day. However, in a huge number of cases, reality isn’t so flattering. Due to size of the bed, designing a small bedroom was always a hard nut to crack. If the bedroom is, by any chance, not that big this already difficult tasks always becomes even harder. Harder, but not impossible. Here are few ways to make your small bedroom look bigger and be more practical.

Use Built-in Shelving

Aside from the bed, the next furniture element that takes up the most space is probably the shelving. Fortunately, shelving also comes in shallow, built-in variety that can help you to save a lot of floor space. Look for the pieces that aren’t deeper than 30 cm, and surround the bed with two individual shelves. Also, the shelves that go all the way to the ceiling will make the room appear taller.
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Eliminate the Excessive Furniture

Cramping the furniture against the walls, won’t cut it – some pieces will just have to go. Start with the ones that are the biggest and bulkiest. If you need some element for the sake of functionality, try to replace it with some multifunctional piece that will kill two birds with one stone. Shelves that can act as bedside tables are a very good place to start.

small room bed and window light

Stay Low

Stay away from tall chairs, tables, and excessive furniture as much as possible. Especially if the ceiling itself is not that tall. Unlike floor-to-ceiling shelves that can make your room appear more slender, bulky chairs and beds will only increase the overall cluttered feeling. The more space you put between them and ceiling, the better.

small room couch and pillows

Paint the Walls in Bright Colors

Although they are currently more trendy, dark colors absorb light, and make your already small room look like a cave. Stick to white, pale grays, cream and light blues to make the room open, airy, and light. If you paint the small trim of slightly lighter color around the doorframe and ceiling, the whole room will look even more spacious.

small room chair and matching light

Bring in More Light

However, the bright walls will be of very little use if your room doesn’t have enough natural light. There are three ways to address this issue:

  • Expand the windows
  • Install bi fold doors that allow more light into the room
  • Disperse the light throughout the room with mirrors

Make Furniture Blend into the Room

You can easily do that by pairing the color of the furniture with the color of the walls. For example, if you make your entire room monochromatic, furniture pieces will virtually disappear into the walls. The other way to do this is to simply use as many transparent pieces as you can.

small room chairs and white light natural

Be Bold with Art

Instead of using several smaller pieces of wall art, why wouldn’t you simply use a single larger piece? This way, you will create a focal point that will give your small room some sense of structure and depth. Huge art pieces are also a great way to divert attention from some other, less flattering parts of your room.

small room arched cathedral ceiling

Don’t Let the Drapes Touch the Floor

If you have a small bedroom, you should avoid using drapes altogether. But, if you have to, at least don’t let the drapes touch the floor. (tadalafil) If you do, you will cut the natural flow of the room. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem if you just trim the drapes, or even better, tie them to leave a few centimeters of space above the floor.


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