5 New Trends to Try for the Home

5 New Trends to Try for the Home
5 New Trends to Try for the Home

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If you’re looking to enhance your home and add a modern spin, there are many different paths to go down. Maybe you want to renovate your whole house, or simply add a few features here and there. Whatever you want to do to bring your living space more up to date, here’s five current trends or you to try.

Before You Start

It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion and help from a professional before making any renovation plans. Consult with a specialist architect or interior designer about how you can use your budget in the best way. They’ll also help you to bring out your own personal style in the way that you want. It’s important you have a clear vision of the changes that you want to make.

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Mixing Patterns

If you’re a fan of bold textures and patterns, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s all about mixing and matching this year. This trend was introduced at New York Fashion Week last fall, and somehow it works. Pillows, cushions and table mats are a great way to bring this look into your own home. Throw the old rules out the window and don’t be afraid to clash!

Faux Surfaces

Faux fur isn’t the only look getting the limelight over recent years. Faux finishes are on the rise too, with fake wood, stone and marble taking over our kitchens. Not even faux leather is specifically for fashion anymore. The good thing about this trend is the affordability factor, plus it easy to maintain. It looks just as good as authentic materials, and now there’s no need to splash out the extra cash.

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Blue Accents

Black is so last season. For adding accents to your home, blue is softer on the eyes and complements many other colors. This trend is perfect to use for painting bay windows and kitchen cabinets. It looks less harsh than black, and helps to brighten up a room without overwhelming its overall aesthetic. It’s a safe color to choose without  having to be boring.

Artisanal Appreciation

Recently we’ve seen home design going back to valuing good old traditional craftsmanship. When it comes down to decor, DIY is replaced by purchased handmade designs. Ornaments like hand blown vases and wood mantelpiece figures are a great way to incorporate this trend. Independent furniture stores and markets are great places to hunt for some interesting and unique home ware.

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Modern Lighting

Industrial and abstract lighting is a great way to add a contemporary fixture to the home. A modern hanging light above your dining room table will help to give an edginess to your dining space and bring in a new dimension. You could also try this trend with your bedside lamps or hall lamp. If your tastes are more subtle, then maybe you could try fitting some LED down runway lights instead. You could even adopt this trend with your workspace desk lamp.



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