3 Important Reasons To Stay Motivated When Working Out At Home

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We all need a little oomph sometimes, and finding that pizzazz when you’re slogging it out at during a workout is not always easy. There are many reasons to not get up and start exercising, including the comfy pyjamas and bubble bath you have waiting for you instead. However, you embarked on a brand-new lifestyle path for yourself, and while it’s difficult to stay on track sometimes, you must do your best to stay motivated!

Getting up early before work and heading out for a workout is not really anyone’s idea of fun, especially when 5am is still dark and your duvet is still cosy. Sometimes our lives don’t allow us time to get to the gym at all! It doesn’t feel natural to leave the house in the cold while everyone else is still asleep, especially for a run round the block in the rain. But on you must march! There are some damning reasons to stay motivated when you work out, whether you get to the gym or not and we’ve given you three good reasons to keep that chin up and keep sweating it out – you’ll thank us later!

  • You’re paying for it. Not necessarily in a gym membership, but you are paying with minutes! Your time is precious and if you are taking a chunk of time to work out at home, you need to make it worth your while and not give up. There’s no use in wasting time so if you hate every second of every mile on the treadmill, keep your mind on those pounds you’re losing – and you’ll be able to manage just one more mile.
  • The equipment. You will not be able to have the same impact with tins of baked beans as weights at home, as you would with a trainer pushing you at the gym with progressive weights. A gym allows you to experience a level of working out that a DVD at home just doesn’t give you, no matter what the DVD cover says. However, needs must and sometimes getting out to a gym is just not possible. Invest in a proper weight set for the house. Take some time with a trainer to find out what regime you need for the best impact, and do your own research with indoorellipticals.com to find out the equipment best suited for your fitness goals at home.
  • The rush. Okay so this one isn’t the same as the obvious reasons to stay motivated when working out. But that rush of pure adrenaline every time you complete a run or complete those extra five lengths in the pool? That rush is pure gold. It’s the euphoria you feel within yourself to keep going, because you CAN do it. It’s the feeling of relaxing after you’ve had that shower to wash off the effects of the workout. It’s the reason people keep going back; it’s like a drug, but the good kind.

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Your motivation starts with you. It doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to see a change. You need not be intimidated by a huge gym full of scary looking equipment, because in no time at all you won’t be able to pull yourself away from it! Find it within yourself to push past the comfy warm bed and get your butt into gear; you didn’t want a change for nothing!


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