All About PET Scan And Why Is It Important For Your Body

PET Scan healthy operating room doctors

The actual full form of the abbreviated PET is Positron Emission Tomography, which is often used by doctors to get the image of disease present in your body. In order to get the image a scanner is used which consists of an exclusive dye dipped in radioactive tracers. Mostly doctors do inject this into the veins present inside your arms.

Once it is inserted into the body, the tissues and organs try to draw up that to the most. Well the below pointers will enlighten you more on the PET scan and pet scan cost in India.

When is the PET scan actually conducted?

There are times when your doctor might ask you to go for the PET scan; he does so to analyze the flow of blood in your body. Additionally, he also learns about the oxygen functioning of your body and also gets input regarding the metabolic factors driving your body. But in most cases, it is a must have to detect when the patient is suffering from cancer, brain or heart malfunction or having any issue with the central nervous system.

Compared to all other scanning methods, somewhere PET scan is in the preferred list of the doctors. This is because it gives an at length report of the disease at the root level, it even shows up all the details associated with brain tumours, coronary artery disease, seizures or other memory problem.

Now once doctors resort to the PET scan they can precise you regarding the condition of your cancer. They warn you against its position is in disseminating to other body parts or not. Apart from that it also lightens up the associated facts with tumours whether it is retaliating to the chemotherapy or not.

Is there any complication with PET scan?

If you are suffering from consequential medical condition, then obviously your doctor will prescribe you to have PET scan. But at the same time, it is the risk that haunts you every time. Well no need to muse as you won’t get succumb to any risk, although there is an exposure to radiation, but the level is too less. Definitely there is a caution for pregnant women, who are carrying either breast feeding or having the foetus should not get the PET scan done for that time period.

What to do after PET scan is over?

Once you are done with the PET scan, simply have plenty of water. This is necessary to draw out the toxin like tracer from your body. It normally takes forty-eight hours for the tracers to leave a body. Once done you will need to consult your doctor for further follow up.

What is the cost of the PET scan?

Are you wondering about the pet scam cost? Then you should know that government centres often charge anything between 2000 rs to 10,000. But the cost of the pet CT scan in India in nursing homes can range from 15000rs to 27000rs.

Well the above said are the important facts about the PET scan you should remember so that you won’t face any complication while going for it.


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