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Luckily, there are plenty of professional out that specialize in getting rid of pest infestations, if you have one in your home. But surely there are some things that we can do in the first place to stop this sort of thing becoming a problem? Read on to find out more.

Food storage

So the number one way of pest proofing your home is to deal with your food storage in a sensible way. Too many people think it’s totally fine to leave food in a flimsy bag or even out the counter overnight. If this is fresh food, then you are really asking for it in term of bacteria and germs anyway! But even dry food should be sealed tightly and stored away so pest can’t get to it.

The truth is you don’t actually know what can and can’t get into your kitchen. Which means that it would be all too easy for a rodent to chew its way into your dry food. This is not good because it will be leaving saliva and dropping in the food itself, and walking over your nice clean worktops to get to it! Yuk!

You will even find some rodents getting into sealed food in the cupboards! So the absolute best way of storing dried items like flour, and rice is in glass jars with a good seal on. Then they are totally pest-proof, and the smell won’t tempt them into your home either!


The best thing you can do to prevent your home becoming overrun with pests is to use good hygiene. That means cleaning up spills straight away, and not leaving dirty plates on the side to molder.

Remember pests will be attracted to a place which provides sustenance to them. So if you don’t provide it, they won’t infest your home.

Hidden Areas

Dealing with the not so visible areas of your home is very important when we are dealing with pests.

This is because they can make a bed in just about anything if you leave it unguarded for an amount of time. For example, it is not unknown for mice to create a nest in couches on holiday homes if they are undisturbed by humans. Or even in your ceiling insulation.
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Luckily, there are products now on the market like Aerolite, that is unappealing to rodents. So by using these, you can use that you won’t be encouraging pests into your home.

Waste Disposal

Another vital aspect of preventing a pest infestation if your home is dealing with waste properly. Have ever left a trash bag in your garden before putting it in the bin? Then you will have seen how quickly it can attract unwanted visitors, from cats to birds and mice. This is because what is trash to you, is a great big feast for them.

That means, trash in your home, where it’s warm, is much more likely to attract pests into your space. Instead, deal with your trash every day. Remove it from your house and put in in proper bins with lids away from your property.
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