Unlucky For Some: 13 Mistakes Stopping Your From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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If you’re like the millions of people who started a new fitness regime on January 1st, there’s a good chance that you now feel a little disappointed. Those negative feelings are usually down to a lack of progress. So even if things are progressing, it’s probably not at the speed you’d have liked. But don’t panic.

You’ve already taken positive steps by getting started. The next challenge is to rid yourself of the simple mistakes that could be holding you back. Remove those silly hurdles, and you’ll be racing towards your goals in no time. So let’s get started.

No Direction  

The first challenge for any fitness enthusiast is to set achievable goals. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced athlete, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish is vital.

No two people are the same, and everything you do needs to be tailored to your needs. Ultimately, training for a marathon is immensely different to just losing weight to fit into smaller jeans. Likewise, someone that’s looking to build muscle mass will undergo a vastly different plan than others. Besides, having that goal will work wonders for your continued motivation too.   

Not Eating The Right Foods  

In your bid for fitness, exercise will naturally play a fundamental role. However, you cannot expect your body to reach peak performance if it isn’t be fed the right foods. After all, a car wouldn’t run properly without the right gasoline. Think of it in that terms, and it’s not hard to appreciate the importance of choosing the right diet.

Nutrition doesn’t only come from food. Meal replacements, supplements, and alternative solutions can provide a portion of what you need. Get it right, and you’ll immediately have a far stronger platform to build upon.
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Eating The Wrong Foods  

Eating the right foods is crucial to your overall health, but it’s equally vital that you avoid the wrong ones too. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever treat yourself to the odd cake or glass of alcohol. It does, however, highlight the significance of moderation.   

Perhaps more importantly, you need to avoid foods that disagree with your body. If you have an intolerance to wheat, for example, continuing to eat those products will cause negative impacts. Let’s face it; those effects will only add more obstacles between you and your dream body.

Lack Of Hydration  

The most common mistake that people tend to make with regards to nutrition doesn’t revolve around food. Instead, a lack of hydration is the main issue stopping people like you from keeping their bodies in great shape.   

It’s very easy to confuse thirst for hunger. Avoiding this particular issue can revolutionize the way you fuel your body. For people looking to lose weight, a glass of water before meals is a great trick for controlling portion sizes. Given the benefits hydration has on other aspects of your appearance too, this should be one of your top priorities going forward.
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The Wrong Workout Plan  

Getting fit and regaining control of your body is a 24/7 challenge. But while doing the right things out of the gym will help massively, you need to be doing the right things too. Frankly, a lot of people fail through a lack of education rather than a lack of effort. Fall into the trap at your peril.

Some people find that working with a personal trainer helps. Meanwhile, others can find equally effective HIIT plans at FitnessBlender.com. Either way, ensuring that your time in the gym brings the very best results is the only answer. Anything less than 100% is a disservice to yourself and will slow your progress massively.

Lack Of Variety  

Following a plan that’s built to generate great results is key, but you need long-term gains as well as immediate results. The human body is quick at adapting, so completing the same hour of cardio will soon become far less effective. Mix things up, and you will not regret it.

Arguably the best way to add that variety is to start combining your gym workouts with sports. Not only will it keep your body guessing, but it’ll make exercise more fun. And when you’re enjoying it, those activities will no longer feel like a chore. Given that getting fit should be a lifestyle change rather than a short-term fix, this breakthrough is potentially huge.
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Lack Of Sleep  

Whatever you do in the gym, you must learn to appreciate the importance of post-workout elements too. Restricting your body’s ability to grow muscle and keep burning fat would be a huge error of judgment. This is particularly true if you’ve been pushing yourself to the limit during workouts. Sleep is the best time for that recovery and recuperation, which is why it should become your new best friend.

Aside from the benefits to your physique, a good night’s sleep will leave you more energized for the day ahead. Improved skin, hair, and nails are amongst the additional rewards too. If you struggle to drift off, music from RelaxIntuit.com could be the answer to your prayers. Or maybe you just need to hit the sack an hour earlier each night.

Poor Choice Of Clothing  

With regards to working out, there are various factors that will influence your performance. Being comfortable is undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements to consider. With this in mind, choosing the right clothes is mandatory.

Something as simple as the wrong choice of running shoes, sports bra, or weightlifting gloves could harm your progress. Firstly, it will encourage the types of aches that will result in forced rest days. Secondly, the discomfort during workouts can lead to a lack of motivation too. Apart from anything else, looking the part makes you feel the part too. Do not forget it.

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Not Attending To Injuries  

Pushing through pain barriers is a vital part of reaching greater heights. However, there’s a difference between fighting the burn and fighting an injury. Unfortunately, doing the latter will only result in the problem snowballing into something far worse.

Some injuries cannot be cured completely. Instead, you must learn to make adjustments accordingly. This acclimatization can be a strain on your finances as well as your emotions, especially when you suffer a personal injury outside of the gym. Visit RobinsCloudNewMexico.com for the legal support needed to get your life back on track, as well as your fitness targets. With one less worry on your plate, you can start focusing your attentions where they belong once more.   

Working Out With A Friend  

For some people, finding a fitness buddy is the ultimate accessory. Their involvement can be ideal for motivation while you can learn a lot from them too. Having said that, your fitness is a personal journey. You may be better off doing this one alone and keeping the social aspects limited to when you play sports.

If you’re still looking for some added excitement, sign up for a marathon or sporting event. Not only will it give you another target, but you can use it to raise money for charity too. You might even raise money together with friends and family through other methods. When it comes to those race preparations, though, concentrate on you. After all, it’s your body that you’re looking to perfect.

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Failing To Track Progress  

Did you know it takes at least four weeks to start seeing a difference in the mirror? And it may even take longer for others to notice? In a world where we are constantly looking for quick progress, this can be soul destroying. Thankfully, tracking progress through other methods will confirm that you’re doing things well.

From the scales to measuring parts of the body, monitoring your improvements will put your mind at ease. Moreover, tracking your progress through Apps and other gadgets can show you where improvement is still needed too. Frankly, that could help you break through one of the biggest barriers of all.

Being Overly Harsh  

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your body transformation won’t happen overnight either. You may have seen your favorite celebrity lose two stone in the space of a month, but that doesn’t mean you can. As long as you are progressing, though, you should be happy.

Even losing one pound of fat is a massive achievement. It may not feel that way now, but if you could see it in reality, you’d soon stop criticizing yourself. Besides, as wonderful as getting fitter can be, you’re probably fine as you are. Avoid unrealistic comparisons, and just focus on being the best version of you.

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Giving Up  

Of course, you aren’t going to get very far if you throw in the towel. However, giving up altogether isn’t the only potential problem. In truth, going through yo-yo diets and phases of exercise v non-exercise can be equally problematic.   

Not only will fail to reach your goals, but you’ll feel like your hard work has gone to waste too. Sadly, the most likely outcome of those cycles is giving up completely. So even if your progress is slow, keep plodding on. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.


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