Workout Woes: Still Feeling The Burn After You Leave The Gym?

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There is a lot of emphasis placed in any gym regime on “feeling the burn”. When you exercise at a high enough level for long enough, it’ll start to hurt a little. Sometimes, pain is a sign of injury, but often, it’s just a sign it’s working. Once you know the difference, you can decide whether to work through the pain or stop.

Sometimes, though, your workout can start to hurt at times other than “the burn” setting in, without you feeling a specific injury. It can be particularly annoying and worrisome when you are sitting down, a few hours after working out, and feel an ache. You did your routine exactly as guides suggest, didn’t overdo it, and now you hurt. Isn’t working out supposed to be good for you?

Here’s the thing. Working out well does have many benefits and, in the long run, will do you the world of good. However, the human body is a complex machine. This doesn’t just mean it needs the right fuel, and the right exercise at the right time. It also means things can go wrong that aren’t immediately obvious. Sometimes it takes a little detective work.

Are You Dealing With An Underlying Issue?

Pain is our body’s way of telling us it isn’t happy. Sometimes, as with “the burn”, that’s something like “Hey, I’m working here! You’re putting me through a lot!”. Which is fine – we all occasionally whine about being busy and more work being added, but we get on with it.

It might not be happy because you just tore a hamstring. In that case, you will certainly know. But if it’s painful after your workout, it could be a stress issue. We know all about mental stress, but our bodies get overloaded too sometimes.

What Do You Do About It?

When our minds get stressed, a nice calming bath with some relaxing music and some candles is a great idea. When it’s our body, the bath is still a good idea. But you might also want to see an expert. You can, for example, find a skilled chiropractor here or elsewhere online. They can get to the bottom of why you’re carrying a lot of strain in one area, and relieve the pain.

It may be that, although you’re doing all the right exercises, you’re putting a strain on your spine that it’s redirecting around your body. That pain you’re feeling may be a sign that your body is uncomfortable with a deeper issue.

Are You Doing The Right Things In The Wrong Gym Gear?

Sometimes, your post-gym pain might be for no other reason than you picked the wrong shoes or outfit for working out. Particularly if you have an underlying issue like flat feet, your gym shoes might not be giving the support your feet need. When any body part is floundering it passes the pain on. So poor arch support may play itself out in a calf muscle injury or thigh pain.

If you’ve been working out in those sneakers you love, but which aren’t specially designed for it, you might find the pain results from that. So always buy for the purpose, and replace gym gear that has seen better days.


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