Top 6 Kettlebell Workouts for Women

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More and more women are increasingly discovering the benefits of good kettlebell workouts. Kettlebells are one of the best exercise tools for creating a nice sexy body. Because of its build and size, it distributes the weight throughout the body in a balanced manner. This enables you to do optimal exercises that work every muscle of your body. Because they are effective, kettlebell workouts are used by a variety of athletes, weightlifters, Olympians and other fitness professionals. They not only require little space but also provide quick weight loss result.

5 Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts For Women

  • It helps conditions muscles.
  • It burns a lot of fat because it’s a full body workout.
  • It’s super quick hence suitable for busy women.
  • Kettlebell workouts target the butt, waist, thighs, and hips.
  • They are addictive.

Top 5 Kettlebell Workouts For Women

1. Single Led Deadlift

Using the core, glutes, and hamstrings, single led deadlift is important because it connects the hips and the legs with the arms and the shoulders through the core muscles. This exercise works hard on the core muscles while connecting the shoulder with the opposite hip. Mastering this exercise will give you a nice looking torso and also shield your spine from any future injury that you may experience. Ideally, it’s one of the best workouts for conditioning the hamstrings, hips, and glutes. It, therefore, gives you the best kettlebell weight.

2. Single Arm Deadlift
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This workout uses the back, glutes, core, hamstrings and hips. If you are a woman this is the best exercise that you should focus on it focuses on the back of your body and the glutes. For a strong stunning backside, this is the exercise to work with. Apart from these, it also helps you to burn a lot of calories and raises your heart rate. Once you have mastered the exercise, you should not fear to increase the weight.

3. Kettlebell Swing

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Using the glutes, back, hamstrings, core, hips and quads, kettlebell swing is not only the best exercise but is also a lot of fun. If you are looking for the best fat burning exercise, you should choose this. You will not only hit over 600 muscles but it’s also the best cardiovascular exercise. When it comes to this exercise, you need to get ready for strength, cardio, and super fun exercise.

4. Squat And Press

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When it comes to squat and press few muscles are usually left untouched. Focusing on the glutes, triceps, hips, quads and hips, you can perform this exercise either with one hand or two hands and change repeatedly after a short while. However, for you to succeed in this exercise you need to squat deep enough. Also, make sure you move your thighs to the same level with the ground so as to activate your glute well.

5. Slide Lunge

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This exercise targets the hamstrings, core, hips and quads. It’s a very important exercise because it will help you open your hips and conditions your legs and backside. The deeper you go the better. However, before moving into that you need to start slow and work on getting deeper with every movement.

6. Push Ups

Kettlebell Workouts woman pushup position


Since women are not naturally stronger than men they should do a lot of pushups. This workout can help you firm up your chest, backs, and core. If you are struggling with performing this exercise then you should slightly elevate your hands. After doing 10 repetitions lower your hands a bit and then move to the floor.

7. Kettlebell Row

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Focusing on the shoulders, glutes, hips, quads biceps and backs this is a very important exercise that will help you work out your back and shoulders. Performing this exercise is also good for the core and the legs. The kettlebell row will not only improve the appearance of your chest but will also pull your shoulders back. If you are sitting for several hours a day it’s the best exercise to counteract this. It’s also ideal for the getting the best kettlebell weight.


Kettlebell workouts are not only good for women but are also highly effective. This is because it replaces cardio based workouts with resistance based workouts. In fact, if you are not getting any result from your normal workouts you need to try out kettlebell row, pushups, slide lunge, squat and press, kettlebell swing, single led deadlift and single arm deadlift. Start today and enjoy amazing benefits.

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