Are You Running on Empty?

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Running is such a wonderful activity. It works out of the whole body, burns plenty of calories and builds long, lean muscles. There are organized events all over the country to take part in, and plenty of places to get the right kit, and study the right form too. In fact for many people running is a huge part of their lives. But what happens when you fall out of love with running? Then what do you do? Read on to find out.

Identifying the reasons running has lost it shine

The number one thing you have to do, if you are feeling like you are running on empty with your jogging regime, is to identify what exactly the problem is. It can be different things, for different people that is causing them to fall out of love with this activity. But happily, for each problem, there is a different solution, which you can find details of below.


First of all, never underestimate the power of your mind when running. Our psychology has a lot to do with our physical success and failures. Perhaps more than we give it credit for. Nowhere more so than in the running. Those first few miles are often a testament to this. Where your body is complaining, but your mind keeps focusing and eventually you start to succeed.
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So what can you do is your psychological motivation is failing to keep you on your running schedule? We’ll, first of all, take a look at how challenging your runs are. Are they too hard for your current fitness level? If so you may want to reduce the time, distance or speed, until you are better able to cope. This will help you to be more motivated when you head out every morning.


Another problematic issue can be that your runs are too easy. Boredom is definitely a thing that can get in the way of a runner’s motivation. A too easy route, or the same route, run over and over again, can lead to an apathetic attitude to running. So make sure you change things up wherever possible by running varied routes, setting yourself new challenges and getting some sponsorship for your workouts.
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If you have changed things up, but you are still finding yourself bored with you run, then it might be time to introduce another activity instead. There are a lot of fun calorie burning activities out there that can help keep you fit, that aren’t running. For example, you can work up a sweat with Zumba workout, feel the burn with circuit training or even have a go at aerobics!

Swapping out some runs for alternative activities can help you stay interested in your workout regime. They can also help to strengthen your body and your lungs, which can have a positive effect on your running too.


Sometimes it can be your energy level that is preventing you from running. Be careful here because it is easy to think you are too tired, but it’s really just a psychological motivation factor as described above.

However, if you do find your body struggling to keep up with your run, then looking at your diet can help. For some runners, eating whole foods can enable them to maintain better stamina when exercising.

Also, if you are fighting muscle strain, check out this resource on the runner’s guide to muscle strain as well as diagnosis and treatment!


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