How to Exercise Safely With Heart Disease

exercise safely with heart disease

While regular exercising can improve heart’s health, patients with heart complications are always advised not to engage in exhausting physical activities simply because it might worsen the situation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. There are more than enough safe exercises that can help reduce risks associated with the disease.

How will exercise benefit your heart?

Just like building muscle with weight lifting, exercising makes your heart stronger improving the way it pumps blood throughout your body after every heartbeat. It also allows your heart to work at optimum level without much strain. Several studies have also confirmed that people who exercise regularly and vigorously are safer from heart disease than those who don’t. However, it is always advisable for anyone with any heart complication to consult a doctor before exercising. If he or she approves of it, you can try the four exercises below

Four best exercises that will lessen the risks of heart disease

1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the easiest exercises anyone can do and heart patients aren’t exempted. Several studies have proven that yoga can lower blood pressure, enhance respiratory function, increase lung capacity, boost circulation and most importantly, improve your heart rate. Other studies have shown that practicing yoga regularly cab help reduce the risks of heart attack or cardiac arrest, according to Cunningham who has 40 years of experience teaching yoga.

2. Abs workouts

Another easy yet an effective exercise for heart patients is abs workouts. Apart from strengthening your core muscles, abs workouts work best to improve your balance as well as flexibility. It is also among the most suggested exercises for people who want to look and live better. Luckily, there are more than enough abs exercises you can always do at home, before or bedtime. However, if you want to get better results, it is always advisable to use some of the best abs machines on the market.

How to choose the right abs machine

* Know what differentiates the ab machine from the rest – Check if the equipment you are about to buy has unique features such as a kinetic insist engine with a strong spring. You might like the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro.
* Understand how to use the equipment – The only way to find out if the machine suits you is to test it. Visit a dealer, try it and find out if it is comfortable.
* Also look for equipment with safety and space-friendly features. Lastly, ensure that it is priced fairly compared to its competitors.

For more tips on how to choose the best abs equipment, check out this link

exercise with heart disease
3. Light dumbbell workouts

Even with the disease, you still need to be strong, and nothing will help you achieve this better than weight training with dumbbells. Dumbbell workouts will not only build and tone muscles but will also increase insulin sensitivity, improve your endurance as well as bone density making you one of the strongest people on the planet. Unlike other fitness equipment, dumbbells are much cheaper, space friendly and most importantly offer a variety of exercises you can perform with ease. Unfortunately, not all dumbbells on the market are equal. Here are some few tips.

How to buy the right dumbbells

* Safety features – check if the equipment has a mechanism that locks the plates in place.
* Space-friendly – Ensure that the dumbbell is small enough to be stored anywhere or has a stand where they can be kept when not in use.
* Also ensure it is durable and affordable. Visit this link for more tips.

4. Interval training

Interval training has been rated as one of the best remedies for heart disease and other complications such as diabetes. Unlike many exercises, it involves exercising vigorously for a shorter period and resting for longer periods to recover fully. For example, if you decide to go out for an evening walk, you can walk faster for 3-4 minutes and then lower the speed for one minute. This means that you will be increasing and reducing your heart rate which will help improve your vascular function and reduce the sugar and fat that are in your blood.

* Warning – Avoid long distance running and any other vigorous exercise you are not used to.

The final word

Exercise will improve your heart function provided you stick to your cardiologist’s advice. Do these four exercises regularly and cautiously. Take a break when you feel weak, lightheaded and dizzy or experience chest pain. If these symptoms persist, see your doctor.

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