When Health Goes Wrong. Keep These Options In Mind During An Emergency

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We spend so much time worrying about our fitness, but we often forget to consider our health. It’s never nice when health worries occur, especially when they come out the blue. Our health runs on its own clock, though, and we often get no warning when things are about to go wrong. It’s not always possible to get a last minute appointment. If you’re worried about your health, try and approach the problem sensibly. There are emergency services around for just such eventualities. Get to grips with the emergency help available to you before you start to panic. Try and decide, straight away, how serious the problem is. If it’s something that can wait a few days, book an appointment as soon as possible. It’s not nice having a health concern in the back of your mind, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you think the problem is serious, get to a doctor as soon as possible.

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We’re always told not to Google our health complaints. Regardless, when something happens out the blue, Google can be the best place to turn. Make sure you remain sensible when Googling your symptoms. Google has a habit of showing you the worst possible scenario. If we listened to every diagnosis Dr Google gave, we would all think we were dying. Keep your head about you when reading through lists of what might be wrong. Bear in mind that the worst case option isn’t always the right one. Google can be great for giving you some idea of what’s wrong when you have no clue. Use it as a tool to ease your mind, rather than scare you. Websites like symptoms.webmd.com offer a personalised diagnosis on your symptoms, without having to wait for a doctor. These websites are much more reliable than the unofficial sites that tell you to seek help immediately. Remember as well that this is just a method for narrowing down what might be going on. No website is as reliable as a doctor. Make sure to book an appointment as soon as possible, just to be on the safe side.


If you don’t think your emergency can wait, you could always head to a walk-in clinic. We moan about these clinics because of the amount of time we have to wait, but they’re amazing for when disaster strikes. There’s no need to book an appointment at these clinics. Just walk in, grab a number, and wait to be seen. These services work on a first come first serve basis. It’s no surprise that there’s sometimes quite a wait. Be patient in the knowledge that you will, at least, be seen before the end of the day. Take a book with you and accept that it may be a long day. Going to a clinic will still get you seen quickly. It’ll save you from waiting days for an appointment. If you want to cut down on the wait, it’s worth getting to the clinic as early in the day as possible. That way, you know you’ll be one of the first in the queue. Timing is everything, and beating the crowds will save you a lot of time. Check when your local clinic opens, and ensure you’re there before the time stated!


Dependent on what your emergency is, you may need an ambulance. Don’t read your symptoms on Google and decide that an ambulance is necessary. Assess your symptoms and decide whether you think an ambulance is the best option. Consider whether you’re capable of getting yourself to a hospital. Don’t put yourself, or others, at risk by getting into a car when you’re unsafe to drive. If you’re still able to, get yourself to the hospital. Ambulances are yet another stretched service, and they should be a last resort. If you are unable to move or think your condition is something that needs immediate medical attention, don’t hesitate! Ring 911 and try to keep calm as you explain your symptoms. Don’t hold back on the details. The telephone operator will be able to assess a lot about your situation from hearing you speak. Be as honest as possible about what’s happening. The ambulance paramedics will give you the best care possible.

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Our bodies aren’t the only things that can go wrong. A toothache is never pleasant, and dentists are often unable to see patients on the same day as well. Don’t struggle with pain longer than you have to. Phone your regular dentist and see if there’s any way they can fit you in. Dentists aren’t as stretched as health professionals. They may have had a cancellation that would allow them to see you. If they can’t book you in on the same day, consider other options. Ask if there’s a different dentist in the building who could take a look. It’s always nice to see a dentist we’re familiar with, but it’s important not to be fussy in an emergency. Don’t make yourself suffer unnecessarily. If your normal surgery has no free appointments, it’s worth checking elsewhere.

Sites like dentist.24hourly.com offer the opportunity to find other dentists in your area. Ring around and find an appointment elsewhere.

It’s easy to panic when you start to experience unexplained symptoms. It’s important to keep calm and get yourself the best care possible. There are so many emergency health services out there for when things don’t go according to plan. Make sure you’re aware of what’s available to you before you’re in any danger. Take the time to learn where your nearest emergency clinics are, so that you don’t have to worry about finding them when something happens. Try and keep calm and gather some idea of what might be wrong with you before you go anywhere. Explaining your symptoms and suggesting what you think may be causing them will help whoever is dealing with your case. In an emergency, time is essential, and saving time on a diagnosis could save your life.


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