5 Essential Things for an Amazing Party Survival Kit

5 Essential Things for an Amazing Party Survival Kit
5 Essential Things for an Amazing Party Survival Kit

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When it comes to a party survival kit, you need items for the party itself, but also for when the party ends. Whether you’re throwing a bachelorette bash or just getting together with your friends, a survival kit is always a good idea — plus, preparing yourself for any awkward situation never hurts, does it?

When creating a party survival kit, you want to be creative with whatever it is you choose. From the packaging to the actual items you pick, a unique kit will really get the party started. No need to be stressed either, a party survival kit is all about having fun — both when you’re creating it and when you’re enjoying it with friends.

What Should I Put In My Survival Kit?

As mentioned, put a little thought into the actual packaging. What is the occasion? Perhaps you can stick to the theme — packaging your party items in a vessel that matches the overall occasion. If you’re not one to get crafty, Etsy has a wide selection of boxes and kits that will help you pull it together, like this morning after necessities bag.

So, once you have your bag or box, what do you put in it? Here are a few suggestions, which may spark your own unique, creative ideas. Remember, it never hurts to get personal — so if your group shares some inside jokes, use that to your advantage – they’ll love it. Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Sashes and buttons — If you’re having a bachelorette or team party, personalize your group. You can get all kinds of items printed to include your party’s name — or find a variety of ‘bride to be’ items. From sashes to buttons, bracelets to t-shirts, personalized items are always appreciated. They’re also a good keepsake after the party ends, helping you hold onto your special memories.
  1. Hangover essentialsWater bottles, multivitamin supplements or hangover pills are always happily accepted. With Over EZ Hangover Pills, you and your party can focus on having a good time, not worrying about how you’ll feel the next morning. No one wants a headache the next morning, especially when you’re all going out for breakfast. Be sure to take your hangover supplements before it has a chance to surface.
  1. Morning-after items — Before you all head out for breakfast, you’re going to want to freshen up. If you’re a party of all girls, include some make up remover wipe, hair bands, lip balm, and any other key essentials. For men, include breath mints, razors, a toothbrush, and other toiletries.
  1. Mini bottle of liquor — Why not get the party started early? As soon as you hand out your party survival kits, all take a celebratory shot or drink a beer which will be included in the kit. You could also add beer cozies or wine glass charms. Just remember to take your dose of hangover remedy beforehand.
  1. Other party essentials — Think about what you’ll want or need throughout the night. Are you throwing a bachelor party? Why not include a cigar in each kit? Bottle openers or lighters never hurt either. If you’re somewhere on vacation, include sunscreen and other related items. Whatever you think you’ll need during and after the party, include it.

There you have it — some ideas to get your survival kit rolling. No matter what the occasion, up the level of fun and excitement with your very own party pack — make it one to remember.

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