Tips and Solutions for Better Sleep

Tips and Solutions for Better Sleep
Tips and Solutions for Better Sleep

Sleep has become a huge issue as it pertains our health, yet it still isn’t getting the attention it deserves. As Arianna Huffington said at our recent Sleep Symposium:

“Many of us are so used to being tired all the time that we think that is the new norm. If you go to Google and type in “Why am I…” Do you know what is the most common autocomplete?
“Why am I so tired?”

After learning about all of the different sleep problems, I can relate to having a busy mind when I try to fall asleep. I often struggle with thoughts that consume my mind making it tough to fall asleep. I used the tips provided and adapted a ritual that helps me calm down at night. For example, I will spend some time reading, practicing breathing exercises, and place my phone out of sight where I can’t even touch it. All of these steps contribute to allowing my mind to relax and focus on something other than my own thoughts. By using these specific tips geared towards my sleep problem, I am now able to wind down and get the much-needed sleep that my body and mind require.

Take a look below at the most common sleep problems and solutions to overcome them presented to you by Casper!

What sleep problem do you identify with the most?



Use a meditation app before bed

Stretch before you get under the covers


Busy Mind

Develop a pre-bedtime ritual to help you wind down



Invest in a well-designed mattress, breathable bedding, and proper sleepwear




Spring for a light, carb-heavy snack to satisfy your late-night cravings


Sunday Night Insomnia

Get up at the same time on the weekends as you do as the weekdays



Try ear plugs or white noise to help cover up outdoor or indoor-related disturbances


Not Tired

Tuck away your phone and pick up a book



Keep your thermostat at 65 degrees to sleep cool

Other Methods for Better Sleep

Limit caffeine

Avoid big meals at night

Avoid alcohol before bed

Avoid drinking too many liquids in the evening

Exercise Daily

Avoid Naps


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