Can’t Wait Till December? Start Preparing For Christmas Right Now!

Can’t Wait Till December? Start Preparing For Christmas Right Now!
Can’t Wait Till December? Start Preparing For Christmas Right Now!

December is such a long way off, but I can barely contain my excitement for Christmas already! The Festive Period is such a magical time of year when the house always looks very sparkly and pretty. But even though the best holiday of the year is still a little way off, there are still some things you can do right now to prepare for it. So why wait for the 1st of December to roll around? Let’s get the preparations started now! Planning ahead is the key to saving money for Christmas.



The Christmas Cake

All the cakes, sweets, and chocolates are one of the best things about Christmas. Especially yummy Christmas cake! Most people bake their own and start it well before Christmas. This is because Christmas Cakes need to go through a ‘maturing’ period. After they are baked, you will need to store your cake in a cool and dark space for a few months and give it ‘a drink’ of brandy every couple of weeks. The alcohol will soak into the sponge and create a very moist cake that tastes fabulous!


We often wait until the run-up to Christmas to buy all our presents. However, the stores sometimes hike up their prices at this time. They know everyone will be out shopping, so if they sneakily increase their prices, they’ll make a better profit. So stay one step ahead of all the shops and buy your presents throughout the year. There’s no point keeping all your shopping untill the last minute, anyway. If you see something early in the year that you think will be a great present for a friend, buy it straight away!




It could even be worth shopping around for decorations right now.They will be cheaper than in December and might even be in a shop’s sale! Take a look at specialist Christmas stores to see what they have on offer, such as Now is also the perfect time to make your very own decorations! Right now, you won’t be running around stressed and trying to put all the finishing touches to your perfect Christmas. So before December, when you will have countless things to do, take some time to sit down and work on some handmade decorations.

Jams and Conserves

Many people buy special Christmas jams and conserves over the festive period. Especially cranberry sauce with their turkey dinner! The best thing about these conserves is that you can make them well in advance of eating them. As long as you properly seal the jar you store them in, then they can last for a very long time. And the flavours often mature, the longer you leave them! So now is the ideal time to think about what tasty jams you want to enjoy for Christmas. Curious about making your own cranberry sauce? Here’s a super delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver to try:

Christmas isn’t just for December. So get organised and start creating your perfect day right now, to give you a chance to relax throughout December!


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