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I had the pleasure of communicating with Blooms for Business. They are a contemporary florist who specialize in weddings, events, corporate contracts, graduations, birthday parties, and every Holiday. The arrangement above is popular for birthdays and graduations!

I instantly fell in love with their style. The flowers are classy, chic, modern and elegant. The details, thought, and hard-work is evident while browsing the different styles of flowers. 

Blooms For Business has worked with countless big name corporations, celebrities and brides, using specialist buyers to source unusual and exotic blooms as well as supporting local growers.

They bring together professional service with a friendly touch and have been featured in publications, such as OK magazine.

I am happy to host Blooms For Business and feature them for a guest post! 

They feature an online shop for your convenience. 

Please read about this dedicated business and take a browse at their website, it is beautiful!


Selecting Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

Flowers have a secret language crammed with symbolism, emotiveness and even metaphysical beliefs. In ancient days, they were chosen for the energy they evoked and the enchantments they were believed to cast over their recipients.

The alphabet of flowers was known by all, with every posy being as easy to understand as the common tongue. Most modern cultures have lost the ability to understand the secret meanings of blooms and their colours but flowers still have their own universal language, transmitted through their beauty, shade, and the way they are arranged. Their traditional symbolism is still accessible but if you prefer thinking outside the box, you will find deeper ways to create your own meaning.

Cracking the Secret Code for Family Birthdays

Birthdays open up infinite creative potential for you, especially if you enjoy using petal power to build inspired messages. Each individual bloom unearths its own message. Dahlias are full of zest and symbolise change and adventure. That makes them the perfect birthday gift for wild spirits. Sunflowers’ vivid, dramatic auras are used to welcome in a new era of luck and wealth—a message they share with the sun-seeking tulip.

If the birthday person is a sun sign fan, you can’t go wrong with zodiac flowers. Each sign comes already packed with its own bloom, and each flower has enough symbolism to write an entire book of its own. Aries, for example, is represented by the honeysuckle; a delicate but bold vine that attracts others with its charm. Cancers are represented by the accanthus, which shows the sensitive natures of June and July babies through its warm colours and delicate petals.

Great for Mothers Day!

Appreciating Mum

There is a veritable treasure trove of blossoms perfect for mother’s day. Chrysanthemums have been a long-held tradition for the day and, in Chinese culture, they represent a comfortable life, matriarchal energy, and luck. Ancient Greeks chose the lily as an icon of motherhood instead and in alchemical circles, they represent purity, hope, fertility, and remembrance. If you’re the type who dares to be different, ivy and vines can jazz up an arrangement to demonstrate renewal and growth.

Flowers for Fathers

Toss aside all ideas about ties and socks. Even men enjoy blossoms, and studies show that that father’s day bouquet even brings down dad’s blood pressure. Finding a masculine collection of blooms isn’t as difficult as it seems.

The traditional choice is a white or red rose but the western world has come to associate these with romance and jealousy. Instead, choose sturdy, linear arrangements that pique his attention. Men love bold colours and shapes, so exotic flowers such as orchids, arum lilies, and asters can be given a masculine edge with bamboo and palms. Square vases or potted flora appease the practical side of his nature.

Gifts for Tiny Tastes

When a baby is born, delicate arrangements give mum and new-born’s home an ambiance of celebration. Daffodils and daisies represent new life, while their palettes and shapes spread cheer throughout the room. White lilies, which symbolise innocence, are for mothers with sophisticated tastes. If you prefer to add a splash of thoughtfulness to your gift, birth flowers let you demonstrate your attentiveness. Every month has its own dedicated blossom, with each bloom telling its own tale through its symbolism.

Wedding Bells and Lasting Romances

Whether the happy couple is tying the knot or celebrating decades of marriage, there is a posy perfect for them. The newlyweds’ infatuation is wrapped up in the lilac’s portrayal of first love’s passion. The lily brings a more serious tone to the day, signalling the truth and honour that turns a whimsical relationship into a lifetime of happy marriage.

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Nikki Burger has been a florist for many years and provides flowers in Brighton for every occasion. She believes that flowers can be used to have a really positive impact in life.



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