Run For Boston



The nation got turned upside down on April 15. Boston, MA was the target for a horrific scene. This place on this specific day, was a place for runner’s living out their dream: to run the Boston Marathon. As a runner, I know these people have had this on their bucket list for awhile, years. My Dad’s co-worker was running the Marathon and luckily finished one hour before the explosions went off. This was his 3rd time running it. I cannot imagine how this scene impacted each person who was there. 


I heard about the Run For Boston event on Facebook and immediately promised myself to do this on the 17th. I made sure to wear all blue and make a sign. I thought this was such a wonderful idea to have the country pull together and show support. I was amazed at how many people, even non-runners, made an effort for the victims. News spread fast about this and people from all over the World participated. Unfortunately because of the weather, I was not able to go to my local running store and run in a group. I did not want to risk getting struck by lightening! So I ran on my treadmill. Even with my sprained foot, I did not want stop. This was for Boston. I felt so good after my run, knowing so many people were doing the same thing all in one day. I took pictures with the sign I made and e-mailed them to the address given. I also shared them on Facebook and Run For Boston’s page. Within seconds, I was getting multiple “likes.” You can view other pictures posted from participants and they are so enlightening.


It is an unfortunate tragedy like this which make a community come together. But what a wonderful country we do live in to have this endless love and support with helpers, willing to show how strong we are. Time after time we show how fearless America is. We never give up and always bring justice. I am so proud and thankful for the blessings I have. My heart is in Boston. For the victims and families who are hurting. May we all keep strong and be helpers to each other.


My time and miles I ran for Boston on 4/17


I cannot wait to get one of these! Adidas came out with running for Boston shirts. 100% of the proceeds go to 


A prayer to say to help comfort those hurting


 There will be Justice!


My kitten somehow got on top of the treadmill and could not get down.

I had to help him and laughed myself silly at how he did that. 

He knew I needed a laugh!


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